Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I Have To Share This Amazing Book

The Adventures Of Billy Chicken Toes & The Wolf

This is such a TERRIFIC BOOK!!!
Your child is the illustrator!!!!
I can NOT wait to receive the books I ordered!!!!
Such an Amazing idea - Such a Fantastic Keepsake!!! 
LOVE IT!!!  

Once upon a time, a young barnyard chick named Billy Chicken Toes is shooed out of the hen house to make room for the new hatchlings.
Told to stay close by, Billy’s curiosity leads him far from the farm, where he tumbles down a dark rabbit hole. There he encounters one adventure after another. He meets a wolf who tricks Billy into leading the hungry critter back to Billy’s hen house.
Billy discovers that even a little chick like himself can possess courage far beyond his small size. Will he discover the truth about the wolf and the threat he poses before it’s too late, or will curiosity kill the chick? Find out in The Adventures of Billy Chicken Toes & the Wolf: Add Your Own Art Children’s Books.
I bought my books from the Official Authors Website:  http://sbpra.com/JeanneeDeWolfe/
Only $11.97 for the softcover book!!
Not only do we absolutely LOVE this book that we had the privilege to read before it was out for sale, we LOVE the AUTHOR!!!  Ms. Jeannee'  DeWolfe is Owen's wonderful bus driver.  She has been a life saver this year for us.  That is a FACT!!  Owen has a very hard time with change of routine.  So Jeannee' always makes me aware if she will not be driving so we can make alternate plans for Owen.  We are so GRATEFUL to her!!!  Owen just LOVES her and he can't wait for his book to come in the mail!!


  1. What an awesome idea. Went to order it from Amazon and it was out of stock! Obviously, others also thought it was awesome. :)