Saturday, May 12, 2012

Go God!!!!!!

GOD is Moving All The Mountains

March 12, 2012 - We committed to Lyla
May 12, 2012 - We mailed our dossier to Lyla's country
It only took 2 months!!!  ALL GOD!!!!!!

He is!!!  God is absolutely Moving Mountains for his daughter Lyla!!!  I can't tell you what it is like to witness so many Amazing Miracles!!!


Wednesday morning our immigration officer called to tell us she approved our application and it was being sent to her supervisor for final approval.  Wednesday evening she called me to tell me that her supervisor had lots of questions and would not sign off on our application.  She had many questions about Taylor.  We needed to prove that she was in Ukraine.  Many of you know how long it can take when immigration requests more information - it's not good typically!!!  

We sent her all kinds of things in hopes it would be enough.   Our officer e/m’d me at 5:30 that same night stating that she believed what we sent would be sufficient.  I couldn't believe she was still at work and I was so grateful that she was satisfied with what we sent.  Then we PRAYED that the supervisor would find it sufficient as well.

Thursday morning she sent me another e/m stating that her supervisor


WOW!!!  So what can take weeks and sometimes even months - Only took 9 hours.  Eight of those hours being non working hours!!!!  

And guess what the most amazing bonus was????  

She attached our approval to the e/m!!!!!  

Can you believe it???  This saves about 5-7 days of waiting for it in the mail.  This was the last piece to our dossier!!  SO GOD!!! 


Thursday I ran around like a lunatic after printing that very beautiful approval.  Packed up the kids to bring to my Dear friend Kathy to have the approval notarized.  THANK YOU KATHY!!!!  

Then when Dave came home from lunch I drove to Mayville to have 18 documents, including the amazing approval certified.  Got home as quick as possible so Dave could return to work.  

Then packed up everyone to pick Conor up from school for an orthodontist appointment.  After his appointment we drove home to meet Gavin getting off the bus.  

Then it was off to Office Max to Fed Ex our 18 documents to Albany for Apostille!!  I was so nervous the man at office max didn’t have a clue what he was doing.  And sadly  I was right but it ended up just being another part of GOD’s Plan!!!  

The man sent me home with someone else's receipt.  So I called him and asked for the right tracking number.  I also questioned him for the millionth time that the state office would be able to use what he put in the envelope to return the docs to me via fed ex.  He assured me it would!!!  I wasn’t assured.  

As soon as Fed Ex showed the package delivered Friday, I called the state office.  (I would of never ever called if I hadn't been so nervous about the Office Max employee)  I spoke with a lovely lady named Linda!!!  Linda said she would find our documents and make sure that they would be able to return them.  She called me at about 1pm and said 

“there is a receipt in here but I am not sure it will work”

She then said 

“YOUR DOCUMENTS ARE DONE and I will leave them for the Fed Ex driver, I will call you if we have any issues”!!  

I couldn’t believe they were done already – so AMAZING!!!  This part normally takes a few days and this time it took 1 hour!!!!  WOW!!!  So if I never called I don't think they would of been done until Monday or Tuesday!!  So I have that Office Max guy to thank for that one!!!

Linda called me back at 3:30 and said 

“the Fed Ex driver would not pick these up, he said this is just a receipt”.  

Then she said this 

“We still have another Fed Ex pick up today, if you want to give me your credit card number I will use one of our fed ex slips” 

I couldn’t even believe it.  I thought for sure this would end up holding us up a few days.  But NOPE – God had his plan!!!  Thank you for being a part of it Linda!!!!


I called Fed Ex this morning to see when our documents would arrive, the rep said they have had some delays so they will not arrive until Monday.  I was disappointed but we were still way ahead of where I thought we would be just 3 days ago.  About 15 minutes after that phone call a Fed Ex driver was in front of my house.  I couldn’t help but get excited praying that our documents were on this truck.  THEY WERE!!!!  They were delivered today!!!!  Can you believe it???????
Still not done with miracles!!!


I called the UPS store that I have always used to send documents over seas to see when our dossier could get to it’s destination.  I spoke with the nicest young man.  He said if you come today I show that they can be delivered Thursday.  BEAUTIFUL I thought!!!  So I got everything ready, checked the documents several times to make sure they were perfect and headed to UPS.  The nice young man had everything ready to go.  All I had to do was sign.  AMAZING, right???  So I sign!!  We (Sara, Owen and myself) say goodbye to the dossier and ask GOD to please keep Lyla’s papers safe!!  He then says:

"Our driver hasn't come yet so your documents will arrive on Wednesday"

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????  Oh My!!!!!  CRAZY!!!!!!!!!  One day sooner!!!!  One day means so much!!!!  One day sooner that our sweet girl gets closer to coming HOME and having life saving surgery!!!! One day sooner means so MUCH!!!!!

As we were leaving the store guess who was walking in?????  YEP, THE DRIVER!!!!!  I couldn't hold back the tears - no way!!!  The lady driver looked at me with some concern.  I just smiled and told the kids

"Look guys, she is here to pick up Lyla's papers"

We got in the van and I buckled Owen & Sara in.  As I got back in the driver seat I saw that the Fed Ex driver was leaving the store.  Sure enough – there was our envelope on top of a box she was carrying.  Now, I don’t know if the man inside told her that those were adoption documents but the driver looked right at me and gave me the biggest smile.  As if to say 

“Don’t you worry – they are SAFE”!! 

Go God - You Amazing Mountain Mover!!!!!


  1. Oh tears of joy my friend, tears of joy!!!!!

    I hope you get to sit back tonight, take a deep breath and have a nice cold drink.

    Love you all....

  2. AMAZING!!!AMAZING!!!Rejoycing with you dear Friend!!!

  3. Praise God!! Got goosebumps!! That's just like God to move mountains! And when HE does WOW! :) YAY!!

  4. In a nutshell, God appreciates how long and faithfully you waited for Lyla, while He needed you to save Gavin, now He is returning the favor and working at Super Fast Speed to get her home!

    Just my nutshell and how I'm seeing this:)

  5. WOW!!!! AWESOME!!!! OUR GOD IS AMAZING!!!!!!! :-D

  6. What an amazing story you will be able to share with Lyla one day!!

  7. Ya know, I'm determined to one day get through I post on here that doesn't make me cry! You are one well loved lady of the lord! Here's to June dates (yes I haven't given up on that dream!). They only thing that could have made this post any better would have been PICTURES!!

  8. Amazing! Rejoicing with your family! God sure LOVES Lyla and the Spitz family!