Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

 I am Beyond Blessed to Celebrate Mother's Day today as the Mother of my first three!!!!
Taylor, Conor & Nicholas

Then BLESSED some more to celebrate today as the Mother of these Four!!!
Owen, Sara, Isabelle & Gavin
God has Blessed me abundantly with these incredible 7 AMAZING TREASURES!!!!!
He wasn't done with Seven Blessings.  HE was ever so faithful to add one more little princess to my beautiful list of Precious Treasures!!

I am just a few months away from being able to declare that I am the Luckiest Mom in the whole world to be the Mother of Eight of the Best Darn Kids Around!!!!

Happy Mother's Day to All you Amazing Women who have also been richly blessed to hear the words
"I Love You Mom"

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