Wednesday, May 9, 2012

USCIS Update and Gavin Brag Time!!!

Our immigration officer called this morning to let us know that she
our application!!!! 

 Thank you - Thank you - Thank you, Officer Williams!!!!! 
Thank you to everyone that prayed for Medical Expedite!!!!!
So if all goes according to MY plan we will be sending our dossier over the ocean by the end of next week so Lyla's country knows we are her Forever Family!!!! 
Oh Sweet Lyla - We are getting so so so CLOSE!!!!!!!

Now to Brag about Gav!!!  Our little guy is something I tell you - he is a living sponge!!  He picks up everything so quick.  He amazes me every day!!!  Take a look at this:

My Oh My Do I Love This Boy!!!!!!!


  1. YEAH!!!!Doing the HAPPY DANCE here!!!!
    Oh and kiss GAVIN from us!!! Such a DARLING!!!
    The Müllers

  2. hehe I so love that video!!!! So happy for you my dear friend!!

  3. Look at that sweet boy!! and WHOOT WHOOT WHOOOOOOHOOOO!!!! on USCIS! Fantastic!!!

  4. He's one smart boy! I love the way he goes down the stairs!! So cute! So happy about USCIS!

  5. Praise The Lord about Lyla! It's amazing to me to see how God is orchestrating all the details.

    AND Gav stole my heart from this video!

  6. PRAISE JESUS!!!!!!!!! Soo happy!!!

  7. I'm in love with your little man. Well you have several fine young men, you're surrounded by them. Lucky girl!

    So excited that things are progressing along so nicely.

    Keep the faith and I'll keep praying!

    Love you all..

  8. Thank GOD!!!! Not much longer sweet Lyla! And gosh isnt Gavin just the cutest little guy ever!

  9. so cute! his little happy dance after he does his signs is priceless.