Friday, April 13, 2012

Where are the ducks????

Tuesday night I started not feeling very well.  Wednesday at around noon, I really didn't feel well.  Dave had to come home early from work and he stayed home all day Thursday too.  I was in BED the whole time.  Now, normally I enjoy a little rest time but this was ridiculous and you know what????  I slept over 24 hours!!!!!  I know - that is so WRONG!!!!!  I have heard people say many times "I felt like I was hit by a truck".  I GET IT NOW!!!!!  Except I would say this wasn't an average truck - this was a very abnormal HUMONGOUS truck.  And I am pretty sure it didn't just hit me once.  HA!!! 

THANK GOD I am feeling much better today!!!  Oh boy am I grateful!!!!!

I turn 40 tomorrow so if this is any indication of what is in store for my very near future - well, I am in serious TROUBLE!!!!!!! 

Today I decided to get the poor little ones out of the house.  So I thought we would go feed the ducks.  Dave thought I should bring the double stroller but I reassured him "I can handle it".  Yep, I was wrong again.  I was winded after chasing Gav just ONCE!!!!  WHY DON'T I LISTEN TO MY HUSBAND?????  I guess I didn't really take in to consideration that I had been in bed for two days and my body probably wasn't prepared for chasing my little tornado!!  I realized today that he is getting so FAST!!!  That little stinker would just laugh at me trying to catch him.  Then it was a big fun game for Owen & Sara to want me to catch them too.  Oh it was something to watch I am sure.  At one point I thought about taking Bellie out of the stroller so I could sit in it!!  Really, I was getting that desperate.  I had to end the "you can't get me Mom" game quick if I wanted to survive.  So I reminded them that we came to feed the ducks. 

We couldn't find any ducks but we did find a pair of geese so that held their attention for a short time.  Oh was I so so so HAPPY those geese came along!!!  I could catch my breath!! 

 Sitting kids are GOOD KIDS!!!
 Oh yes, we walked over to the playground too - I must of blocked that part out!!
 This is when I begged them for a picture so I could rest if only for a moment.  ( a bit dramatic, I know)
 Gav was way more interested in eating the bread.  He couldn't understand the concept of giving it away to those big birds!!
 This is when I convinced the kids to just throw some bread in the water because some kind of animal is sure to come!!  I'm telling you I was willing to try anything!!!
 I didn't realize it at the time but it is clear that the girls were planning something.
 My Beautiful Beautiful Bellie Bug
I am still so grateful to those geese!!!  Thank You GEESE!!!!!

No one ever said IT would be easy
But no one could of ever guessed how Awesome IT would be!!!


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You hear that Lyla


  1. Hi Summer,
    Happy Birthday for tomorrow. Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well. You must have gotten hit by the same truck that hit me a week ago. I think it took the Thruway out to Buffalo after it hit me ;) Those littles of yours are just adorable.

  2. interested in the four child stroller now? haha
    what a fun day hope you have better luck finding the ducks next time.

  3. Happy birthday! Feel better!