Saturday, April 14, 2012

I have tried to write this post.....

I have tried to write this post FOREVER NOW!!! 

I keep trying to THANK YOU with out using "Thank You!!!

 I keep trying to find a way to make "THANK YOU" as big as it should be for what you have done for us!! 

I can NOT figure it out!!!

 I can not find the appropriate words for what YOU mean to us!!! 

I can NOT find even a combination of words that even come close enough to describe how GRATEFUL we are!!!

 I am just staring at this computer in AWE after witnessing our adoption grant grow so rapidly today. 

I would do anything to express our gratitude for YOU in the most biggest way possible!!! 

For now, all I can think to do is THANK GOD FOR YOU!!!!!!!

It is because of YOU, that soon I will be on the other side of the ocean holding my
Beautiful DAUGHTER!!!!!!

How do you even come close to Thanking someone for that????????


  1. The only thanks needed Summer is to go bring that little ray of sunshine home so she can glow!

  2. Thank you Summer for loving Lyla unconditionally. For not giving up and for ALWAYS being her mama!!! I pray for someone just like you to find Carina. You my friend are a gem. A true gem.