Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pictures & a Video

 Sara helping Bellie clap
 Bellie laughing so hard at her little sister
 THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!!!
 Sara entertaining her brother & sister
 Handsome and Beautiful
 Gav is trying to hide behind Belle so he doesn't get tickled by Sara!!!
 I can't even tell you how much I LOVE these TWO!!!!!
Gav giving Miss Cleo kisses!!!  How sweet is he?????

Isn't his laugh just the best?  That is if you can tune out my annoying "ooohhhhs"!!!  I have to give some credit to Miss Cleo too - she really is the BEST BIRD EVER!!!!  She is so good with the kids!!!  We all LOVE her so much, well except Conor but his vote really doesn't count since he owns a tarantula - YUCK!!!!!!


  1. heheheh I love the it, looks like you have some great pets! Gavin's laugh is so cute! Sara is such a great sister.

  2. Your littles are so beautiful!! And I love Gavin's laugh! He's just too cute!

  3. His laugh just makes me heart melt!!! xoxoxo

    Glad you're feeling better!