Monday, April 9, 2012


In New York State we have to have all our adoption documents notarized, authenticated and then apostilled before sending to Eastern Europe.     
Today, Conor, Owen, Belle, Sara, Gavin and I drove to Mayville, NY to have 17 notarized documents authenticated!   This means the county clerk has to certify that the notary is indeed a valid notary.  Kind of silly I know but what ever it takes, right? 

We stopped at a beautiful playground on the way home.  Unfortunately being on the lake it is very very windy and it was a little too cold to stay long. 

 Can't you just see Lyla sitting next to her big sister????  I sure CAN!!!!

The little ones have been collecting change for over a year now.  Well, we went to the bank last week to cash in and start a savings account for each of the four toddlers.  The machine that we poured the change is was fun for Sara.

Owen, Gavin and Belle were just finding ways to stay busy!!

Now they each have $27.00 in their very own savings account!!!  WOO HOO!!!!  Good Stuff!!!!


  1. Another step closer, Summer. This is great! Yes, I can see Lyla with all of you at the play ground. :)

  2. Aw sweet Bellie sitting so nice at the bank! So so excited about this post, apostiles here we come!