Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sara & My Mom

Sara's school had an art show Friday night.  She had been so excited all week to go.  We were all excited too!!!  What an AMAZING display!!!!!  The wonderful teachers at Bethel Lutheran Preschool put so much work in to this.  It was just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

 Some crazy kids ready to leave for Sara's big show!!!
 So Proud!!!!
 This was made with shaving cream and glue
 Shining Bright!!!
 These shamrocks were made with peppers!!!
 I am pretty sure this little guy was one of Sara's favorites!!
 Sarah, Michael and Denise (Grandma Red) all came to see Sara's beautiful work!!
 Checking out the construction display
 Grandma Karen came too!!!!
 Conor & Nick sure do love their little sister!!!!!
Gav was very interested in the refreshments!!!  Belle was just happy to be held by her Daddy!!!

We are so Proud of Sara and her beautiful art work!!!  I am so BLESSED to be her MOM!!!!!

My Mom has been in the hospital since Tuesday with breathing issues.  Wednesday she started with what she thought was esophageal spasms.  A very bad pain in the center of her chest.  She had this pain Wednesday and Thursday.  Friday evening her blood pressure dropped.  It was 57/37!  They did an EKG before moving her to the ICU and found that she had a Heart Attack.  So the pain she was having was not her esophagus but her heart.  She is in ICU now and doing much better.  THANK GOD!!!  She will have a cardiac catheterization Monday morning to see if she will need heart surgery, a stent or maybe just medication.    If you would please keep my Mom in your prayers I would appreciate it so much!!  

Also Friday our adoption fund hit $12,000 - OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!  So Beyond Amazing!!!!!  So the boys will be dressing up but we want to wait until Grandma is doing better!!!!  Thank you for understanding!!!!

Thank you so very much for your conitnued support!!!  We are so very BLESSED!!!!!!!!


  1. I love the artwork Sara! You did an amazing job!

    Woohoo on the new total of the FSP!!!!! So looking forward to seeing the boys in all their GLAM..

    Continued prayers for your mom.

    What I really like are the photos of the night and all the extended family that was there to share in Sara's moment. Blessed indeed!!!!

    Oh sweet Gavin, I bet you had a great time with those refreshments and checking everything out Little Man...

  2. Offering prayers for all your family and all those caring for your Mom...hope your Mom recovers quickly. Barb

  3. I LOVE your two big boys. They have the best hearts!

  4. I just love your family :) Hope your momma is doing better :)