Monday, April 30, 2012

Please Vote!!!!!

  This Dad has committed to become an IRON MAN for Orphans with Down Syndrome!!!!

Brady & Nash (The Handsome Men above) have made a video that can be viewed HERE!!!!!!  Please view the video and then hit the "vote for this" button on the lower left corner of the video.  Oh My - I just LOVE when someone will not let anything get in their way of raising awareness for something they are truly passionate about.  In this case, Brady is passionate about finding homes for orphans with Down Syndrome!!!  Absolutely Amazing!!!!!

Please go to the link, please vote - you can vote every day.  Don't forget you can vote from different computers too, or phone, or whatever device you can view the video!!!  It's that easy!!!  Just VOTE!!!  And VOTE TONS!!!  This is HUGE - This will reach so many!!!!  This will be a very loud scream for all of the children with Down Syndrome waiting desperately for a Forever Family!!!!!

Here is the link to Brady's Blog:

Isn't this just so Awesome????   I am so excited to have the opportunity to witness the difference this Dad is going to MAKE!!!!!  GO BRADY!!!!!!!!


  1. Thank you SOOOOOO much for sharing this story, Summer. It will be wonderful to see where God takes this awesome commitment that Brady and his family have made to the little lost treasures of the world.
    Praying for your mom.

  2. Thank you so much for helping Nash and I share our story! You guys have an incredible story as well!!


  3. Popped over from "Micah Six Eight." Made a donation to you RR account.
    With Prayers,