Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Amazing Updates!!!

My Mom is doing much better!!  Thank you so much for all the PRAYERS!!!!  The best news is she doesn't need heart repair - WOO HOO!!!!!!  THANK GOD!!!!!  So she will be in the hospital just a few more days!!!

Then an AMAZING Lyla adoption update!!!  I spoke with our immigration officer today!!!  SHE CALLED ME!!!!  Isn't that something???  She requested another letter from our Pediatrician, which has already been faxed - Thank you Marlene and Thank you Dr. Przygodzki.  Our officer will give this letter to her supervisor to see if it warrants expedite!!  OH MY - Please PRAY that it DOES!!!!! Oh, I can NOT even tell you how excited I am!!!!  WOW!!!  We are getting so close - I can't believe it!!!!!

So the boys will dress up LADY STYLE this weekend for the $1,000 that was raised for their baby sister!!!  Oh I can't wait to see my handsome boys Prettied all Up!!!  So I not only Thank you all for the beyond generous donations but I Thank you for donating so that I can witness this EVENT first hand!!!  GOOD TIMES!!

Please remember each day to view THIS VIDEO and VOTE!!!  I just Love this Dad!!!  If  we all vote every day this will be HUGE for the precious treasures waiting desperately for a FOREVER FAMILY!!!  Thank you!!!!

To Our Precious Treasure we say:

We are Coming Sweet Girl - Mommy & Daddy are COMING TO BRING YOU HOME!!!!!!!!

I still can't believe the day I took this picture - I was taking a Picture of
MY DAUGHTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank GOD!!!!!!!!


  1. Praise God!!! So happy to hear about your mom! I got goosebumps and teary eyed with this post!! Praying her home quickly!! :)

  2. Wonderful news! Oh how I pray they will expedite her paperwork and get y'all on your way! That would be so amazing. She needs you all so much.

    Also, of course, so glad to hear that your mom is doing better. That is wonderful news. :-)

  3. how beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! just found your blog through alisha and am really excited to watch this beautiful girl journey HOME!! praise the Lord!!

  4. The last comment: "I still can't believe the day I took this picture - I was taking a Picture of
    MY DAUGHTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    WOW What a thought!

    So exciting how things are coming together.
    Praise The Lord! Praying Lyla home. xo