Friday, April 27, 2012

Prayer Request

Colleen here.

I know you have all been rejoicing with us today as we met our goal for Challenge #3. Lyla's FSP hit $12,000!
And I know you are all waiting for what comes next, Lyla's brothers to stroll the streets in the girliest of attire and it will happen, hopefully very very soon...

But right now the Spitz family needs us on our knees and praying.
Summer's mom has been in the hospital for a few days, very sick but tonight she has been moved to the ICU and her blood pressure is dangerously low at 57/37.

Pray for healing. Pray for strength.Pray for comfort. Pray for knowledge.

Please though, just PRAY.


  1. Dear Father in Heaven, I come to you now on behalf of Summer's Mom. I am praying for the doctors to know what to do to help her quickly. Please give them the knowledge, confidence and ability to deliver the care she needs for a rapid recovery. Moms are important, young or old! We need them to love us unconditionally like you did when you gave your Son on the Cross for us! Praying for Peace and Comfort and Strength for Summer during this very difficult time. Asking for healing if it be thy will. Thanking you Father for the avenue of prayer in which we can come to you in both good times and bad. Thanking you also, for answering our prayers! Help us to always understand and accept the answer that you give as your plan is already in place for each of us.
    In HIS name, Amen

  2. Summer, we will Keep you in our prayers!

  3. Continued prayers for the Spitz family and of course Summer's Mom.