Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sylvia's Birthday Wish!!!!

Happy Birthday Sylvia!!!  This Beautiful Mom is 28 today!!!!  Her only Wish is to have her Sweet daughter home!!!  That's it!!!  In order for Ava to be home as soon as possible they need help with the $$$$  part of it all.  As you all know - I SO UNDERSTAND THIS!!!!  Our journey to bring Lyla home would of NEVER EVER been possible with out the help we have received from all of YOU!!!  That is a FACT!!!  It is also a FACT that I will BE FOREVER GRATEFUL TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!!!!!! 

So let's rally for this FAMILY!!!  Please???  Let's all donate $28 today!!!  Let's make this the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER for Sylvia, her family and of course AVA!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Thank you so much Summer! I know that alot of people respect you! I am so glad that everyone has come together to help you all get Lyla home where she needs to be!!! I hope and pray that people will see our story and rally together to help get Ava home! As soon as we realized we were going back for her I was hopeful I could get you on my side because you are AMAZING!!! I hope our posting efforts pay off today and we see a great boost for Ava!!! THANKS AGAIN! Sylvia