Friday, April 20, 2012

Application is READY TO GO!!!

Just waiting for the mail to arrive with our Homestudy!!!  Then we will RUN to FED EX to send our application to USCIS for approval!!!!  This is the last piece of the puzzle!!!  As soon as we receive the GOLDEN TICKET our dossier For Lyla will be complete!!!!  Thanks AGAIN to all of YOU!!!!!  So AMAZING!!!  WOW!!!!!!

I am so glad I took this picture - I just realized we have to sign the cover letter!!!  Wake up Summer!!!

 Owen is waiting for the bus showing me Power Ranger Moves!!!  Go Go Power Ranger!!!
 Princess Belle just always being BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
 Sassy Sara!!! 

Ms. Jeanine introduced Belle to the Ipad today!!!  So Awesome!!!  She was making all kinds of music!!!  This girl is so AMAZING!!!!

Sweet Gav!!!

Our friend is a teacher at Gav's school.  So she was able to get this picture of him and send it to me!!  AWE!!!  I am so GRATEFUL!!!!  Look at my Big Boy on the BIG SWING!!!!  Smiling away!!!!

He is doing so well at school.  He is so excited to go each  morning.  I was going to keep him home this morning because he had a Doctor appointment.  But I couldn't do it!!  After he got dressed he went right to get his coat and backpack.  With the biggest smile on his sweet face!!   So I made a change of plans!!  Gav was going to school today!!!  So I picked him up for his appointment that only took 10 minutes and then back to school it was!!  The urologist said he has HEALED perfectly and no need to return!!!  WOO HOO!!!!

I have to tell you, when he gets to the top of the bus stairs he turns around, waves and blows me a kiss.  It is the BEST!!!  Then his Amazing aide walks him back to his seat and he waves to us out the window until we can't see him anymore.  Oh I Love Him So Much!!!!!!!

I know that we have asked so much of all of you already but if I could just ask that you please Pray that our application finds the desk of a super nice officer and he or she accepts the letter from our pediatrician for expedite!!!  I would so appreciate that!!!  THANK YOU!!!!!

I hope you all have an AMAZING Week-end!!!!! 


  1. Are you kidding me??? The Golden Ticket is all you need??? That's SO awesome! Compiling that dossier certainly does get easier and quicker each time, doesn't it? I was amazed at how fast it went for us the 2nd time. Do you remember how scary that list was the first time we saw it? Now you could do it in your sleep. LOL

    Anyway, I'll be praying for that right officer to get your application and that he/she will be super speedy quick! Love to you my friend!