Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pictures and the Quotes I think go with them.....

Belle:  " What Chocolate Chip Cookie Mom?"
Gavin:  "I know about that cookie Mom"
Gavin:   "I Love Being Outside Even if it is FREEZING!!!!!"
Owen:  "Oh No, Where is Gavin?  It was my turn to watch him"
Sara:  "What do you mean I have wasted too much bread already?"
 "Why do they take me outside in the COLD when they know I DON'T LIKE IT??????"
Gavin: "I'm going this way"
Sara:  "I'm going that way"
Owen:   "I want to see how cold the water is"
Belle:   "Dad leave my hood alone"
Sara:   "Get Him"
Owen:   "I got Him"
Gavin:  " I am FREE"
Belle:  "I Love You Daddy"
 Sara: "Gav, I'm not letting go"
Gavin:  "Ha Ha, at least Owen gave up"
Owen, Sara and Gav:   "We don't want to leave - We Like the COLD"
Bellie:  "I WANT TO GO HOME "
 "I am so Happy to be in the VAN!!!"
 Sara:  "Uh Oh, it doesn't look like Gracie is happy that we are in her bed"
Gavin:  "She wont bite, right?"
 Belle:  "I have some CRAZY siblings"
 Owen:  "If I act like I am hugging Belle they will never know that I am pulling her hair"
 Sara:  "Are choking and tickling the same thing?"
 Belle:  "Look what Owen taught me!"


  1. Lyla: "I LOVE my AMAZING FAMILY and I CAN NOT wait for them to bring me HOME!"

  2. I seriously love the captions. Made me laugh!!!

  3. Hi Summer,

    You don't know me, but I've been praying for you and your sweet family. I think it is amazing that God has used you to save these precious children. Here is another God annointed mamma that recently went through her first adoption. I thought you might have a lot in common, and relate to her feelings about adoption.

    Praying for you, Lyla, and your sweet sweet family.