Saturday, February 4, 2012

Thank you & Blanket Tent Friday


Thank you so much for all the supportive comments to my last post.  I am so grateful that I have so many FRIENDS that not only take the time to read our blog but stop to leave support when I am down.  My beautiful friend Laura who has two sweet girls rocking extra chromosomes (one treasure in Heaven and the other treasure probably in her arms right now)  said this:

"If all she ever does is laugh, well that's ok... "

YES!!!!!  I absolutely agree!!!!!!!  And I cry every time I read that!!!!  Love it!!!!

To those of you that shared your struggles with me - I am honored and I thank you for letting me know that these feelings are normal and I am not ALONE!!!!  


Dave went to a Hockey game and the big kids were all out.  So the Quads and I decided we would build a blanket tent because that is so much FUN!!!!

 Gav is a fan of Blanket Tent Friday
 These three have so much fun playing together!!!  (Look at Sara's hair - can you believe the static?)
 Sweet Belle didn't like being in the tent but she sure did enjoy watching her siblings in it!!!
 Sara was having a blast!!!
 Look what Gavin stole from Sara!!  Gav knows Sara shouldn't have a pacifier anymore!!!!
 Beautiful Belle!!!
 Look how teeny tiny Gav is!!  Or look how big Sara is!!!  CRAZY!!!!
 So the plan was to watch the movie in the tent - as you can see it didn't work out that way!!
 Belle decided climbing on her new brother would be a good time!!!
 I am sure she is saying "Don't worry about me Mom, I can so take care of my self"!!!
 Um Yes, that would be a bit of a kick.   Belle is truly trying to position herself and Gav was in the way - OR WAS SHE REALLY TRYING TO GET HIM BACK????  Hmmmm!!!

FOUR of my SEVEN Beautiful Blessings!!!!!


  1. Awww!! Your kids are so cute!! :-)

  2. Didn't post on last blog.... But you KNOW that Belle is one in a million for more than one reason. That is why she is yours and home forever with a family (and friends) who are going to love her more than ever!! What a difference you have made in her life in such a short time. Remember when you brought her home and all she did was lay/sit, couldn't hold a toy, couldn't eat much (except for, not much eye contact, thought she was deaf, etc... NOW LOOK AT HER!!!!!!! (can't list all of her growth physically/socially/mentally) She has grown in sooooo many ways, all because of you!!
    Love her up and that will be enough!!!!
    XOXOXOXO love you!

  3. Summer we also have experienced the same with our Evelyn versus our Carrington so I can relate to your emotions and feelings. You hurt because she should not have had to go through all of this but you know what? We know where she came from and God knew you all would love her and raise her in an environment far superior to where she was so He picked you as her FOREVER family! She is a star!

  4. LOL Bossy Belle! :)

    I'm wondering how on EARTH you get azll four of your littles looking at you and smiling at the same time?!?!?!

  5. Your cup runneth over with blessings!

    1. Hey Summer, the last pic! Those sweatshirts do they have the kids ages on them? I think they are adorable! I think I'm seeing 3's and 4's????? Where did you find those.

      Umm, Bellie looks like she is figuring out how to take care of herself with brother Gavin. :) hehehehe Did you tell Sara to give her some pointers already?