Sunday, February 5, 2012

Gavin & Mother Nature Must Be Good Friends

Gavin LOVES to go outside.  He will try and go with anyone leaving the house just so he can get outside.  He is often found trying to get his coat, hat and boots on.  He is something!!!  We have been so lucky to be able to bring him out each day that he has been home.  I honestly think he has some kind of deal with Mother Nature because we live in Western NY and this is not normally the time of year to play outside.  Today it was so nice that we even got the bikes out.  Unfortunately Belle believes if she has to wear a coat then it is too cold to be outside.

 I can't even stand how cute this guys is!!!!!!
 Playing restaurant, I ordered a cheeseburger and french fries and this is the Amazing Smile I get with it!!!
 Sara thinks she is pretty sneaky riding Owen's bike!!!
 Belle just wants to be held and I am so HAPPY to volunteer!!!!!
 Gav went up and down the driveway about a million times!!  He LOVES LOVES being outside!!!
 Thought maybe Belle would think this would be fun - NOPE!!!
 Look - a 1/2 of a SMILE!!!  Yay - Bellie!!!!
 Owen was whining about something and Gavin is looking at him like "Hello????  you should be happy that we are outside playing"  YOU TELL HIM GAV!!!!
 Sara is with Gavin - she LOVES being outside!!!!!!
They are on some kind of mission.
 Gavin had no trouble riding any of the bikes - so AMAZING!!!!

Then little hands started to get very cold so it was time for Mom to make the call.  The go inside call!!  This is what Sara Grace thinks about my call!!!!

 Belle was very happy that it was time to go inside.  So she went to her favorite place to get comfy.
Hard Playing boys need rest so Gav went right to sleep at nap time.  I sure do LOVE THIS BOY!!!!!

Night Night Beautiful Boy!!!!


  1. So much fun!!!!!

    Don't you just love rain boots, Izzy lives in hers I swear! Once when we couldn't get her to take a bath I pulled out the boots and told her that she could wear them into the tub (don't worry they were new at the time). This began her love affair with them.

  2. Belle is my kind of girl! Not a fan of this cold weather at all!