Monday, February 6, 2012

SAHM Card - do you have one?

I learned two very valuable lessons in the last 24 hours.  Let me explain:

Nick called me at 9pm last night from a super bowl party.  He said
"Mom, can you pick me up?"

In my little angry voice I said
"Nick, You said you had a ride"

Then Nick mumbled and I couldn't understand what he was saying but I did pick up on the fact that he was crying.  Nick must of handed the phone to his friend who tells me
"someone threw a can of Axe body spray and it hit Nick above the eye.  It is bleeding and deep.  He probably needs stitches"

So I said in my sorry I was a jerk voice
"I will be right there"

I get to Nick's friends house and all his friends walk him out the door.  Like 10 - 12 of them.  (So sweet)  Nick gets in the car and he is pretty calm and I take a look at the laceration (big word - I know).  Even though it is dark I can definitely tell he will need some stitches.  So we head home to grab a few things and head to the emergency room.

We arrive about 9:30 PM.  After waiting 2 1/2 hours and not seeing anyone go back I am getting a little grumpy.  I contemplate bringing Nick home and then to the pediatrician in the morning for stitches.  I over hear a guy that is in front of us ask how long the wait will be.  She says:
"Well you are number 7 in line to go back - Sorry"

WHAT??????  So we are 8???????  Oh My!!!!

Well, somehow the nurse calls the name

Oh Thank GOD!!!!!

We go back and wait, wait, wait, wait - you get the picture.  Three hours later ( 5 1/2 all together) the Doctor comes in the room and says
"I have to stitch that"

REALLY????????  Oh - I thought all it needed was a band aid but wanted your professional opinion since it is 4 AM and I might not be thinking clearly!!!


Well he needed a nurse to set the room up for him.  OF COURSE!!!  Thirty minutes later he is ready to stitch.  The nurse says to me and Nick's Dad:

"Are you guys going to be okay because some parents get a little light headed"

What?????  Do I not look like a veteran MOM!!!  Do I need to pull out my Stay at home mom (SAHM) card???  Do I need to show her that I am the mother of 7 children?  Can she not see that I have been down this road and roads much worse many times???

(Of course today I realize she was just being nice and very considerate)

So I throw my shoulders back and walk with pure confidence to Nick's bedside to hold his hand.  Michael (Nick's Dad) stood closest to his head.  Not that I didn't want that spot - he just got there first.  So I am rubbing Nick's hand telling him how proud I am of him and how tough he is.  Well, with a mother like his - obviously he would be tough, right?

The Doctor cleans the wound.  I decided not to watch - not sure why just didn't feel like it I guess.  Then it was time for the lidocaine injections.

UH OH!!!

My mouth starts to water.  My head starts to spin.  My dinner is headed up my throat.  My knees are shaking.  I was telling my self to shake it off but NOPE.

I realize I need to get out of that room and quick.  I  gracefully as possible let go of Nick's hand and exit the room.  I see the bathroom but will I make it - Oh I am praying so hard.  I get to the bathroom, sit on the toilette and put my head between my knees.  I don't even know if this is what you are suppose to do but that's what came to mind first.

I start to feel some relief.  I stand up, put some water on my face and look in the mirror.  WHOA - who is the  ghost????  Oh, that's me!!!  I laugh at that ghost in the mirror.  I ask that ghost "where's your stay at home mom card now??????"  "Wheres the pictures of all your kids superstar?"

Oh ya, it was a very PROUD moment for me!!!

Then I remember that my son is in the other room having his head stitched while I am laughing at the jerk in the mirror.  Head back down the hall.  I enter the room knowing I am just fine now.  I grab Nick's hand and just catch a little glimpse of the needle and thread about to enter Nick's skin.

UH OH!!!!

I squat down, still holding his hand mind you because I am a veteran MOM.  I start spinning again, mouth watering again, yep the whole works.  I try and focus on anything I can.  Nope, I had to stay down there until the Doctor was done.  PATHETIC!!!!!

So lesson number 1 :  Take a step down and realize I am not ALWAYS IN CONTROL!!!

Lesson 2 is easy.  When you are a SAHM, you can't call in.  Even with 2 hours of sleep, NOPE - if you want to hold the SAHM card it is 24/7 baby.  So when those sweet little toddler faces are at your bedside it doesn't matter how many hours of sleep you get - the DAY HAS BEGUN!!!!!

Poor Nick :(

The good news is he went to the ER with TWO eyebrows over his right eye and now he only has ONE!!!


  1. Ouch! Poor Nick!

    LOL! Don't ask me why but when klutzy Bri does something at work she calls me to meet her at the ER, why not Dad? Which is always what I ask upon arrival and watching them stitch her up, too funny!

    Guess the guys needed something to spice up the game.

    Yes it is true 24/7 no matter how much or how little sleep.

  2. Good grief! Quite that Superbowl Sunday Adventure, but so glad everybody made it through OK in the end!

  3. My seven week old needed a spinal tap last week and the words alone made my head spin, he had already had a cathader, NG tube, and deep suction with a tube that went up his nose and down into his lungs...I couldn't do it, the doctor brought me to a room that i would be safe from hearing the screaming and she got me as soon as she was done. I still feel guilty and definitely felt my SAHM card should have been revoked, miraculously the little man still loves me though ;)!

  4. Summer you are too funny. I have my SAHM card. My kids remind me of it every morning at 5:50am. :-)

  5. I have a SAHM card...but the tears flow anyway!! Kids just know that mommy does that! :) Don't forget though that SAHM are also human! :)

  6. Poor Nick!!! What an ordeal in the ER. Glad you survived too. :-) Hope you managed a nap today!

  7. Oh Summer! I loooooove you!! It's like when Owen bonked his head at the 4th of July celebration with RR and Andrea cried! Mommies don't handle their babies in pain well!