Friday, February 24, 2012

The super honest post

If I tell you that I lay the kids down for a nap because they need it - I AM LYING - it's for me!!

Some days are hard - real hard!

Some days are busy - real busy!

When Dave comes home at lunch and gives each of the toddlers a piece of cake while I am in the bathroom after I clearly told him it was nap time - I might get MAD - REAL MAD!!!!!!

Three people have asked me what school we are from when I am with the toddlers in public.   I love this question because I am so PROUD to say "No, I am the Mom" and the look on their faces are priceless!!  Good Times!!!

I do not like playing with play dough with all 4 of the little ones together.  It takes me way longer to clean it up than it does to actually play.

I love taking the kids to the library.

I always feel guilty if I try to make the kids lunch and not include a fruit or vegetable.  WHY???  Corn dogs and tater tots are a sufficient lunch for kids, right???

If I get to take a nap I can only sleep for like 20 minutes.  What is that all about?????  I use to be able to nap all day - I am so confused!

I Love - LOVE - LOVE the AMAZING people I work with for Belle & Gavin's school needs.  OH MY - I AM SO BLESSED.  We are always on the same page and it is the BEST!!!  Ms. Joann (PT), Ms. Jeanine(OT)and Ms. Cheryl (ST) - I am forever grateful to you amazing wonderful women!!!!

I Love the way Owen says "awhite" for "alright".  Even though I know I should correct him so he learns how to say it the right way, I don't want him to.  (I know - BAD BAD MOMMY)

It is not good that Gavin can get away with murder if he smiles at me.  UGH - I am trying to get tougher - I swear I am.

Sara is the BOSS!!  (being so honest)

When Bellie's physical therapist said she expects she will be taking 10 steps independently next year - I am not going to lie - I cried!!!!

There you have it - some very random but very honest STUFF!!!

I took some pictures yesterday to give you all an idea what goes on here some days.  I will be very honest with each caption.

 Gavin thinks if he puts a hat and mittens on that I will be sure to take him outside immediately.

Owen strips off his clothes as soon as he gets home from school.  Thank GOD I have won the "You are keeping your underwear on" battle!!!  Phew!!!!

 Belle is nervous that I might figure out she took off her pants.
 Although Sara thinks wearing a bathing suit top and big girl undies is a suitable outfit her brother should definitely have his gloves on in the house.  Please take note that she is waiting patiently until he is done with his snack.  This "waiting patiently" does not happen often - so glad I caught it on film!!  YAY - Me!!!
 This is how messy our living room is most of the day.  But the real reason I snapped this shot is to show how Sara knows that she can get Gavin to cooperate with her if she uses food to lure him in.  She has strategically placed his snack bowl in front of her so she can try yet again to put on the mittens she has hidden behind her back.

 This is an example of how organized Sara is.  She is ready to dress Gavin & Belle to go outside  in a moments notice.
 We practice several times a day how to sit like a lady.
 I would say you can catch someone eating off the floor probably about 5 times a day here.  Give or take of course!!
 We do try and get together for a meeting once a day.  It is required that Gavin wear a hat.
On the agenda for next meeting :  Implement Meeting Dress Code.  It should be a good one!!!
 Belle so LOVES this toy!!!!  I can't thank you enough Patty!!!
 Belle can be found this cute - all day - EVERY DAY!!!!
 Gavin can be found this CRAZY - All day - EVERYDAY!!!!!

It is common for Sara to find someone sitting still so she can dress them up or bury them with what ever she can find.  The girl is BUSY!!!!

So that's is what is going on here.  FUN FUN STUFF!!!!


  1. You had me laughing so hard while reading this post! The captions are awesome, the subjects are cute as a button, and your sense of humor with brutal honesty is always refreshing. All I can say is you would all fit in marvelously here!


  2. I love the honesty! :) I should do a post like this some time. It's fun to see into people's real lives.

  3. Think this is one of my favorites!!!

    And I never corrected the kids when they mixed up words. My Sophia used to call The Nutcracker, The Animal cracker! How could i tell her she was wrong! I just loved it.

  4. You are so blessed! I am so glad to see that you enjoy your babies so much. Mine grew up so fast and furious and I look back and think to myself that I didn't spend enough "quality" time with her. I worry that I spent too much time dwelling on "clean rooms" and such and not enough play dough time. If I had it to do over again.....I am trying to remember that with my grandbabies. Enjoy every second you can with those babies. Life is precious and your babies are especially precious. Thanks for sharing them.

  5. I love this post and the pictures!! I'm totally in love with your family! Bellie is really flexible! I can totally see her doing gymnastics or ballet in the future! And we won't ever remember there was a time when this princess couldn't walk.. She's doing so well!

  6. BEST POST EVER!!!!!
    Summer, I cannnot begin to describe the PURE JOY I feel when I read about Gavin!! He just makes me SMILE!!! My heart is SOOO happy to see him HOME! I just wanna SQUISH him!!! xoxoxo

  7. Oh Summer,you have no idea how much I needed this laugh today....your pics and captions were awesome. Great post. Thank you for sharing :-) XOXO.

  8. Love it! Now I dont feel so bad saying naptime is for me and not the kids. :) How are you doing? Our homestudy is next week!!! Almost there. Have a blessed week.

    Be blessed


  9. These photos are priceless!! Thanks for sharing.