Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Celebrating Bellie

Oh yes, I think BELLE is a HUGE FAN of a Birthday CELEBRATION!!!  We celebrated all day!!!

The Princess woke up and snuggled with her big brother on the couch!!  This is one of her most FAVORITE things to do!!!

 Then it was time to put on the tiara!!!
 And then time for some pictures capturing the insane amount of SWEETNESS this girl pours out!!!
 The weather was perfect for a beautiful walk with her siblings.
 Her Daddy came home at lunch to Love her up on her big day!!!
 Belle was all to happy to get some hugs from her little sister on her special day!!!

 Belle Loves to DANCE!!!  So that's just what her Big Brother gave her for her Birthday - A beautiful Dance!!!

 Oh My - Can you see the LOVE????
 They ended the dance with a very beautiful dip.  Belle use to be scared to death if someone would do this to her - now she just can't get enough!!!
Okay now this is HUGE!!!  Belle for the first time EVER - on her 4th BIRTHDAY - Played with a toy!!!  I mean Played Played.  Thank you LOCOCO Family for this Amazing toy.  Belle played for about 30 minutes, she would toss this sound maker and when it hit the floor she would just laugh.  Then - she would go GET IT AND DO IT AGAIN!!!!  OH MY!!!!!!  I took a video too - it was that EXCITING!!!!!  HUGE!!!!
 Guess what Conor gave Belle for her Birthday???  Yep, her Most Favorite Thing - A DANCE!!!!!
 And Lots & Lots of KISSES!!!!!!

 Even Owen pampered Bellie all Day!!!!  He kept saying "Happy Birthday Princess"!!  She just soaked it all up!!!
Grandma Karen stopped by to wish Belle a Happy Birthday too!!!  Gavin loves to be the center of attention too so he made sure to capture Grandma's attention constantly.  He is something!!!  Look at his SMILE!!
 Um, did Belle enjoy her Birthday cake???  I am just not sure.
 Did Gavin enjoy Belle's cake???  Not sure about that one either.
 Birthday Kisses from Big Sister Tay!!
 More B-day lovin from Daddy after cake!!!
 I can't think of a better present than a Dad looking at his Daughter with that much LOVE!!!!  My oh My Bellie - you sure are adored!!!!
 This girl can NOT get enough KISSES!!!!!
 Belle was so Happy that Gretchen and Tyler came to visit her on her super FUN day!!!!!
 She LOVES feeling the vibration of everyone talking or humming.
 After such an Amazing day it was time for bed.  Belle tried to play with her piano present before she went night-night but Owen & Sara made it kind of difficult.

So that's That!!!  I don't think Belle would of wanted to celebrate her day any other way.  She was Loved, Kissed, Snugged and she DANCED!!!!!


  1. What a beautiful little princess she is! Love the cake pictures!


  2. What great fun! I definitely think everyone enjoyed Bellie's birthday!

  3. Hi Belle, We are so glad that you had such a fun time on your birthday. Julia likes that same toy. We can't wait to see you this summer and have you introduce us to your new brother.
    All of the Lococos

  4. Happy Birthday beautiful angel!!! Loves and hugs!!!

  5. I didn't tear up reading this... I don't miss your family so much that I'm about to run out to my car and drive my butt up to visit you....

    ok, I'll fess up. Belle's birthday celebration brought tears to my eyes.... I cannot WAIT to see you guys again!

  6. Precious, precious, precious! Can't take the cuteness! Please give sweet Bellie a big hug from her friends here in MO. Can't wait to actually meet her someday.