Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Gavinator!!!!

aka:  The Gavinator
aka:  Dennis the Menace
aka:  G-Baby
aka:  Gav
aka:  Gavy
aka:  Chen (Conor has called him this since we were in Ukraine and Gav would eat a million chenyas (cookies))

This boy is NON STOP!!!  Really!  I am having a hard time keeping up.  He is like a real human tornado just flying from room to room doing as much destruction as he can.  It is CRAZY!!!!  He has found his new freedom to be pretty fun for sure.  I have found it to be EXHAUSTING!!!  Unfortunately he finds him self hearing "no" about a million times a day and he doesn't fancy that word at all.  So a fit usually follows.  A throwing him self on the ground, kicking, throwing his arms and crying kind of fit.  The fit can last anywhere from 30 seconds to 15 minutes.  The good thing about the fit is that I can clean up his mess real quick to prepare for the next derby.

The above is a picture of  "A Gavin Fit" and Belle trying to figure out why he does it so often.

Okay - his SMILE!!!  That darn smile seems to give me serious memory loss.  Example:  I was changing Belle's diaper and Gav took the wipes (which I didn't see) and he went around the corner.  With in 2 minutes he had a full package of wipes all over the dining room.  When I found him and the gazillion wipes all over, I was furious but that little stinker just looked up at me with the evidence in hand and SMILED.  That's it - He Smiled.  And I was mooshy puddy!!!  Ugh!!!  Not Good!!!!  So then when he did it the second time just 2 hours later - Yep, I wasn't so mooshy puddy, I was more "Gav - that is naughty - you are going to time out".  He smiled at me, I closed my eyes and carried him to time-out.

 The Smile
 I am pretty certain Gav had some intense training in SMILING

The only health issue we have had with Gavin is H-pylori.  That's it!!!  AMAZING!!!

His heart is PERFECT!!!  Oh Thank GOD!!!!!  We have an appointment with the urologist tomorrow and then that's it.  We are done with appointments for Gav for awhile.  Woo Hoo!!!!

Gavin had his evaluation for school and therapy.  He qualified for PT, OT and Speech.  YAY!!!  He is actually going to start pre-school in April.  He will be in a class with 6 general education students and 6 children with varied special needs.

Gavin is a SPONGE - he is learning so very much so very quick.  We (Dave & I ) strongly believe that he will benefit greatly attending this program.  He is already saying 9 English words so I can't even imagine how much he will be talking after attending the program.  So excited!!!!!

"Where is your nose Gav?" 

 "Good Boy"

We put Gavin on the potty yesterday for the first time after he woke up.  He sat on the potty so well - I was so proud of him.  No results but lots of gas as if he absolutely knew what he was suppose to do.  So today we put him on again after he woke up and GUESS WHAT?????  He Pooped!!!!!!  OH MY!!!!!!  Can you even believe it????????  Only twice on the potty and he did it!!!!!  We were all jumping up and down screaming!!!!  Not him of course - he was still on the potty.   WOO HOO - GO GAVIN!!!!!!!

We are BLESSED beyond belief to have this super crazy little man in our lives!!!  We are so so so so GRATEFUL that GOD chose us to bring him home to be a part of our FAMILY!!!!  We Love him endlessly and can not even begin to imagine the AMAZING things that Sir Gavin will CONQUER AND ACCOMPLISH!!!  I just hope our house can hold up!!!


  1. Love the hair in the last couple of pics and you already have him rooting for the Buffalo Sabres huh? LOL

    Oh my goodness that post is hysterical, well for me it is because I'm not there running from room to room after him. hehehehehe Bring him on down he will help with my weight loss! :)

    What a little devil with a killer smile! He is so good at the smiling too, I bet he learned quick that would get him out of trouble.

    No wonder you haven't been around you probably pass out as the kids go to bed.

    I can't wait to hear how he likes the school in April. I think it is a great idea!

    Hey Bellie you look adorable as always!


  2. Way to go, Gavin! I can definitely understand how he wears you out, but I'm glad he's doing so well! He is so, so, so handsome!

  3. Summer, I am just LOVING your Gavin posts!!!! Thank you SO much for sharing him with us!! I hope one day I can give him a big SMOOSH!!! And I LOVE the fact that he is a menace!!! LoL, sorry but true. Makes for such a better story!!! :)

  4. Yay! So glad to hear he's healthy and things are going well (in spite of the fits). You're right -- his smile is killer. :)

  5. That smile!!! I can see how he can get away with most anything once he flashes that smile!! Way to rock the Sabres sweatshirt Gav:)

  6. I love all of it!!! Carter makes the same pouty lip face - we call it the sassy sniff :) Carter destroys the house, too. I know he's just experiencing freedom that he's never, never had before! Fun, huh?! :)

    Glad to see he's doing so well....and that he's a healthy little boy!!

  7. Yay for success on the potty! Go Gavin!

    Great news about his heart too! Just h.pylori...not bad. :-)

    I totally understand a lot of his behavior issues are just exploring his new house. He sounds a bit like Elijah too. We are FINALLY understanding that a lot of E's behavior issues are sensory related. I'm sure you've through lots of sensory stuff with Bellie, but maybe his are manifested in a different way. Just throwing that out there. Maybe more physical "input" might help. I don't know...I do know that had we figured this out a year ago, our year would have been quite a bit different/better. :-)