Monday, January 30, 2012

The 411

Here is the 411 on my treasures!!!!

Taylor, will be 18 next month.  Tay was not willing to let me take her picture with out make-up on.  So this is the result.

Conor is 16 years old, his birthday is in March.  He was at ski club when I took these pictures so I used one from yesterday.

Nick is 13 years old, his birthday is in April.

Owen is 4 years old, his birthday is in August.  Owie wears a 5T.

Isabelle will be 4 next month.  Bellie wears 3T.

Gavin is 3 years old, his birthday is in May.  Gav wears 18 month pants and 24 month shirts.  (he is our littlest)

Then our youngest is Sara and she is 3 years old, her birthday is in July.  SG wears a 4T/5T.

From July 22nd to August 9th of each year the quads will all be the same age.

After putting together this post I realize why I am EXHAUSTED!!!!!!  That's a lot of little ones - WOW!!!!  Just Kidding - we definitely knew what we were doing when we chose to adopt 4 children all around the same age.  We believed and still do believe that Gavin & Belle will thrive with "typical" siblings the same age.   Gavin is already trying to do everything Owen & Sara do - it's Amazing.  Sweet Belle is climbing up the stairs like a champ because she wants to follow her siblings.  Owen & Sara are so protective of Belle and they are stepping right up with the same protection for Gav.  I am certain many people might think we are CRAZY and they are probably right but I tell you what, I will carry that title all day long to live this incredible life!!!


  1. If crazy loves like you...I'm down with crazy!


  2. Love them all!

    Wow Bellie is in a 3T!

    Cute cute pics!

  3. Love it!!! That is a lot of "littles" the same age. :-) But I'm crazy right there with you. Mine are spread out a bit more, but it was fun last fall when I had 2 1-year olds and 2 4-year olds. LOL I can't believe how big Belle is! E is still in 2T pants. That's awesome Gavin is trying to keep up with Sara and Owen already! Go GAVIN!