Monday, January 30, 2012

A Few "Firsts" for Gavin

 First time in his stroller with his big sister.
 First time going for a walk with his siblings.
 First time hanging out at the gate with Belle!!!  Look at the size difference.  Belle is a GIANT compared to Gav!!!
 Look how Owen towers both these guys!!!
 First time hanging out in the kitchen while Dad makes dinner.
 First time for all these guys to decorate eggs Ukranian style!!!
 We had so much fun!!
 These guys do good work, don't you think?
 First bath in HIS tub!!!
First bath with his big sister Belle and his little sister Sara!!!

So far so Good!!  Bring on day 2!!!!!!


  1. The size difference between Gavin and Bellie is something but look at that boy Owen! Has he had a growth spurt lately? My goodness they are all growing up so quickly.

    Owen looks mighty happy with his siblings. I can't imagine what is going on in that little head of his listening to all these people chatter in words that he hasn't ever heard before. He's an amazing little guy, taking everything in stride. Gotta love how God works!

    :) Love love love it!!!!

  2. I'm so confused about ages / sizes ... can you give us a rundown of your 4 "toddlers" ages? It's wonderful to see Gavin home with your family!!

  3. Hi Summer.
    I knew you were posted here. In case you haven't checked out the site, the url Your family looks very happy together. Hope to keep in touch. Tara

  4. I can't believe that Gavin is littler than Bellie!! Grow girl grow! Please give the newest little Spitz a big cuddle from me. I will get to see them all in person someday - I will!