Saturday, December 17, 2011

Would you Please Pray for Belle

I just talked to my Mom and Bellie has been throwing up all night.  UGH!!!  Owen had the stomach flu before we left and now Sara & Belle while we have been here.  Poor sweet Belle dehydrates so easily.  Last time she was hospitalized she was dehydrated and she hadn't even thrown up or had diarrhea so I am a NERVOUS WRECK right now!!!  Please, Please Pray for our Bellie that she will be all better now!!  I can't stop thinking how scared she must be.  She can't tell anyone she doesn't feel well - UGH!!!!  Our poor sweet girl!!!!  I would do anything to be with her right now!!!!

Thank you so much for Praying for Belle - I can NOT even tell you what it means to me right now to know that I can ask this of all of you!!!!!

Please God Make Our Little Girl All Better!!!!!!


  1. Praying for sweet Bellie! I hope she gets better ASAP!!

  2. Oh Miss Bellie!!! Not now!! sending prayers!!
    And Summer, remember, she's in good hands and lots of prayers are coming!!!

  3. We are all praying for Belle and your family members who are taking care of her.


  4. Bellie please get better! I'm praying for you sweet girl. Mommy will be home soon.

    Sending lots of prayers to Mommy/Daddy too.