Sunday, December 18, 2011

Thank you so much for Praying for Belle!!!

Thank you so much for praying for Belle!!!  She did not throw  up at all yesterday and was drinking great!!!  Thank GOD!!!!  I haven't heard yet how her night was but I am so hoping she had a peaceful night.  Our sweet Sara is having a rough time - she is missing "Mommy Daddy".  She is emotional every time we skype and it KILLS me.  Our poor little girl :(   Owen is being such a trooper, he has only had one very sad morning.  My tough guy!!!  Tay, Conor and Nick are doing great and I so appreciate the time they spend with the little ones.  My mom, sister and Carlos are doing an AMAZING job and I am so super crazy GRATEFUL!!!

Gavin said "mama" again today!!!  Oh My it was so AWESOME!!!!  He says is like he has been saying it for years - it really is Amazing!!!

Our visit was great this morning.  We went to the playroom and Gav just does his thing.  He of course was all to happy to have his 2 cookies.

After a cookie it's always a good idea to cross your legs for a little max -n- relax time!!!!  Boy oh boy do I love this little guy!!!!!

Precious Little Mila Hope Basile is scheduled for open heart surgery tomorrow.  Please keep this sweet angel in your prayers as well as her beautiful family!!!  Thank you so much!!!!!

God Bless You All and I hope You Have a Very Blessed Sunday!!!!!

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  1. Summer--you are one of the strongest most amazing people I know! (Well, I don't "know" you...but I follow your blog!)
    You are your family are such an inspiration for myself and my own family!
    Keep up the good work!

    God bless,