Monday, December 19, 2011

Rewind to December 19, 2010

Last year on this very day, Dave and I boarded a plane to Ukraine to adopt a little girl we had planned to name Isabelle.  We were flying on hopes and prayers that we were doing the "right" thing.  If when boarding that plane someone would of told me "hey you know what, you will be in Ukraine next year on this date adopting again".  I would of probably got right off that plane because I wouldn't want to fly with someone that CRAZY!!!!  Really, it's true!!  I was scared to death on that flight.  Had no idea about anything.  Just that we were on our way to meet a little precious girl that we wanted desperately to be our daughter.  I had absolutely no idea that my life was drastically about to change.

Isabelle's Reece's Rainbow Picture
(It is this picture that her Daddy only had to see once and said 
"That's Her - That's the One")

I would of never thought in a million years that the little girl in that picture would change my life forever!!!  I would never be the same person that I was on that plane on December 19, 2010 - EVER AGAIN!!!!  I wouldn't be the same Mother I was on that plane - EVER AGAIN!!!!  I would be Forever Changed For The Better!!!!!

Thank you GOD for putting me on that plane last year.

Thank you GOD for putting me on another plane this year so I could be right where I was meant to be.  Just a few days away from petitioning a court to be the very lucky and proud Mother of this little treasure!!!

CRAZY???????   No WAY!!!!!


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  1. Big smooches to the little man, soon to be a member of the Soitz family. Woohoo!