Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesday Smiles

 Oh my do I love this picture of my boys!!!!
 Love to Snug this happy beautiful boy!!!
 This is probably one of my favorite pictures!!!!  Such a Proud Daddy with such a content son!!!
 Gavin's Smile lights up my heart!!!!
 Beautiful decorations that I believe to be made by the children of this orphanage.
 This really is such a nice orphanage.  I honestly believe and feel that the children are very well taken care of here.  The Director is so wonderful.  Today she had a little boy with her - she even let him play with us in the playroom.   She kept checking on him and she speaks so sweetly with him and Gavin.  When it was time for us to leave the little boy stormed out of the playroom and barged right in her office and she just lit up with the biggest smile.  It is very obvious she LOVES children.  She has toys and cookies in her office too.
 Court in two days so that we can be the parents to this handsome guy!!!!

Yep, I love Gavin to the Moon and Back!!!!


  1. It's so nice to hear good things about the orphanage. Still, there's no place like home!!

    What a Christmas gift God gave you this year!!!

  2. yayyyy! What's his tee shirt size?

  3. I am thrilled you are finding this experience so much better than the first time. Can I start planning to return with you for a third trip yet? LOL

  4. Please give our regards to Dr. Lydia. We loved her dearly and it was very obvious to us that she loved our Dima, too.

  5. That is one very beautiful smile. It melts my heart to hear of a nice orphanage where the children are well cared for. We often hear of the opposite, so this is nice indeed! Your newest little man will be home with his siblings soon:) Sending love and prayers from Montana!