Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Amazing Day!!!!!

Oh my gosh today was just the most miraculous day.  So many doors opened today!!!  These doors are not my story to share so I will leave it up to the two families involved.  But I will tell you 2 boys have definitely been found by an amazing family and 1 child is so close to having a forever family.  WOW!!!!  So Awesome!!!!  As soon as these families are ready to announce I will post a link to their blogs.  I really can't even believe we have been able to witness these most amazing miracles.

  I was able to hold two precious gems in Gav's groupa today.  I did not want to let go!!!  Sweet Gavin got a little upset with jealousy - Oh my sweet boy!!  Dave picked him up immediately and assured him that this does not change things.  Poor little guy!!!   These two little boys held on to me so tightly and the LOVE I felt was almost too overwhelming.  I can't not ever explain what it is like to hold a child who wants nothing more than LOVE and I am not sure I ever will be able to.  

We also were BLESSED to have a beautiful young lady accompany us to the orphanage today.  Her name is Anya!!!  Tracey, Catherine and Jenny all told us about this incredible young lady.  It is solely because of Anya that we were able to get inside Gav's groupa and interact with the other children.  Anya is a translator and works with many orphanages so she knows exactly the right things to say.  Oh Thank you ladies for telling us about this incredible young lady!!!  Anya then brought us to a Ukrainian Restaurant and the food was so very YUMMY!!!  Then we went for a long walk and she told us so much about this beautiful city.  We went for coffee - also so YUMMY.  Then we all walked home.  She even called us to make sure we got home okay.  Oh My!!  Love this Day!!!  Can you tell????

Tomorrow is court - YAY!!!!  Would you please say a prayer that everything goes smoothly?  I would appreciate it so very much!!

The only stinky thing about today is we found out we will not return until January 16 to pick up Gavin.  So that is not what we hoped for but we can't be picky when we had such a wonderful amazing day!!!  Gavin is very loved and well taken care of by the ladies at this orphanage so although I of course want him home sooner it is okay!!!

 This is the crib that Gav takes his afternoon naps.
 And this is his nighttime crib - he was so nervous and didn't understand why in the world we were in there.  Poor guy!!!
This is the room that the Doctor evaluates the children.
We are so lucky to be able to have these pictures!!!

So tomorrow is Court - Woo Hoo!!!!   Also 1 year ago tomorrow we met our beautiful daughter Isabelle!!!  Can you believe we met Belle on December 21, 2010 and we are going to court December 21, 2011 for Gavin???  Amazing!!!  Tomorrow is also our very dear friend Christina's Birthday!!!!

Going to bed a very happy camper.  So God willing our next post will be that we are legally the parents of a handsome 3 year old boy named Gavin!!!!

Loving this Very Blessed Journey We are On!!!!!


  1. Wow!! Makes me wonder what will happen on December 21st, 2012!! Praying for court...!!

  2. So so happy for you guys AND Shane and Oleg. I cried this morning to see them back on MFFM! Are they the two you got to love on today!? God is so good!

  3. Butterflies..... I can't wait to read the announcement.... :)

    What an awesome day! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Praying for court!! I think December 21st is your lucky day!

  5. So glad you got a chance to interact with the other kids and get some pictures. Truly priceless. Can't wait to hear about the other families. I remember how wonderful it was to have a family commit to Shea when I was in country w/ Elijah. No words can describe it!