Saturday, December 17, 2011

Saturday Morning With Gavin

Playing with his new truck
We just realized today why Gav want's to take his shoes off.  It's because we take our shoes off.  Silly Mommy & Daddy of course Gavin should take his off too!!!  Love this Boy!!!!
I love how serious he is
Great - So Daddy steals the car while his son was working so hard to get his shoes off.  Then poor Gav is forced to play with a plastic baggie.  Real nice Dad!!!
Gavin is so pleased to have his car back and the plastic baggie
Dave plans to put a long mirror in our house somewhere since all four toddlers are big fans!!!
Crawling race!!  Gavin Wins!!!!
Giving Dad another chance
 Oh My - He is the Sweetest Little Boy Ever!!!!
Time for a cookie
 Love that face!!!!
Look at this guy keeping an eye on me at all times.

Love him to pieces that is for sure!!!!


  1. I honestly don't think he can get any cuter!!!! sending BIG SQUEEZES!!!!!

  2. He is so cute and precious!! I am needing to check the computer every day for a smile!! May God bless you!!

  3. He is so cute! He's just perfect! I think Gavin looks like Dave, isn't it amazing how God always intended him to be your son?

  4. Seeing the picture of your two boys crawling really does show how little Gavin must be. It appears as though Dave is rather tall but Gavin just looks so little next to him. Sending prayers to you, Gavin and your sweet Belle as she is home sick. I pray that she recovers quickly and that you can find peace while you are away.

  5. Great idea of doing the mirror in the house somewhere.

    He is so active! Sweet sweet boy!