Friday, December 16, 2011

Lots of pictures

 This is the front entrance to our apartment
 This is where we start our walk to the bus stop
 Our apartment window is lower right.  The only one with steel shade covering our window.
 Lots of people near the bus stop
 We get off the bus and head down the street to the orphanage
 Houses across the street from the orphanage
 The entrance
 Beautiful playground equipment
 We are getting closer - I always get super excited at this point because I know we are going to see Gavin in just moments.
 The entrance we use
 Up one flight of stairs
 another flight of stairs and the door to Gav's groupa is to the right.
 Then we scoop up this super excited little guy and bring him to the playroom
 Gavin and Dad have some very serious conversations mostly about cookies
 I steal kisses when ever I can
 I am so lucky to kiss this guy as much as I want!!
 I can hug him when ever I want too!!!  Life is Good!!
 This picture cracks me up.  While Dave is putting on one shoe Gav is taking off the other.
 So proud to wear my Reece's Rainbow shirt!!!!!
 Sometimes we just walk, walk and walk some more
 We also seem to enjoy making funny faces
 We were growling at each other
I am truly very very Blessed!!!!!


  1. Great pictures! How I love seeing things from your perspective. Love the shoes picture, he is going to be so fun to watch grow up.

  2. Great photos, Summer! Thanks so much for sharing your daily walk. How quickly I have forgotten how entrances to buildings look...but are usually deceiving. Gavin is really coming alive too! I can see it in his eyes. :-)

    I didn't get a chance to comment on your first bus trip post, but I did read it. I'm sorry, but I was totally laughing! :-) Hopefully you think it's funny now too. But I couldn't help but think about our bus adventures together year ago. LOL Sorry Pat wasn't there to help you learn the system! :-) Sounds like you got it the next time though. Yay for saving some money too. Love ya dear friend!

  3. Love all the photos of your walk to the orphanage! Thanks for sharing with us! Praying for you all!!! And for your kiddos at home, too!!

  4. Awww:) Precious boy.
    Dima's groupa was just inside the main door to the right. Soooo many memories.

  5. Yay! Love the RR t-shirt! Thanks for all the pictures and updates. Gavin is just too cute! We will be praying for you guys on your court date.

  6. Love them!!

    Miss Em just jumped up on my lap and said "Awwww" when she saw the pics.