Thursday, December 15, 2011

WE Have Our Court Date!!!!

We have a court date scheduled for December 22, 2011 at 10 am so that we may be the parents of this amazing little guy!!!  Yay - next week I will be his Mommy - God Willing of course!!!!!
 We had so hoped to be home by then but we realize it's such a small price of time to pay compared the price of time Gavin has Paid waiting for a family!!!!
 Daddy rigged up a broken trike last night and Gavin just loved it!  I am pretty sure he would let Dave pull him all day!!!
 These two have such a special bond.  I am so BLESSED to witness this LOVE!!!!!
 Yes, the front wheel has definitely seen better days.  But it didn't matter at all to our sweet boy as he was just happy to go for a ride.
This boy can SMILE can't he???

Today we ventured out a little bit and it was so fun.  Our apartment location is the BEST!!  We really are so close to everything.  We decided to try and find a McDonald's that we had only seen twice before.  Once when coming in to town for the first time and the second when we got lost on the bus.  So we got on the bus and hoped for the best.  We found McDonald's and we enjoyed our Big Mac and Big Tasty sooooooo MUCH.  Sick I know!!   Then we got on a bus home and decided to take a walk to a walmart looking place that we pass every day on the bus to our visit.  It wasn't far at all.  This store was AWESOME!!!  They have everything!!!

It is very easy to get a little "lost" while out of your comfort zone.  I am not sure if this happens to everyone but the DARKNESS definitely found us yesterday.  We were questioning everything.  I am pretty sure we put a welcome sign on our apartment door for Satan and he was all to happy to run in.  I am pretty sure he sat right on the couch with us with his arms around us holding us right up next to him.  YUCK!!!  I wish I could say we could just shake it off but we couldn't.  Dave and I didn't even talk to each other for a couple hours.  I'm not going to lie - it is scary. I PRAYED all night!!!!  We didn't sleep much but did start to talk and realize how negative we had been.  We couldn't even believe we let ourselves get so dark. This morning we both woke up and decided we were going to have a positive attitude about everything and anything.  We were not going to complain.  We would find the good in everything.  Guess what???  IT worked!!!!!
 Later Satan!!!!!  


  1. Shake that critter (satan) to the side of the road! Keep those positive attitudes!!
    lovin all the pics!!!

  2. Woohoo on the court date, praying you'll be home in time for Christmas with all the kiddos, and to return to get that little guy for a fresh start of the new year. What a way to start a new year right? with a wide eyed little boy that hasn't known anything but his own little surroundings.

    As I got about our day and being out and about with Izzy I think to myself what it must be like to not really "do" anything, "go" anywhere. Izzy has seen so much in her short 3.5 years already, met some really awesome folks (hehehe I think you know who I mean), thinks that every kid that she meets even if only for one day is her best friend that it makes all of these adoptions just so much more special in my heart.

    Can't wait to welcome Gavin to the Spitz family. This boy will never ever not know genuine love again, he will be surrounded in a loving household, okay it may be loud and there may be days that aren't so sunny but he will know LOVE!

    You found McDonald's! Go you guys!

    I am so glad that you guys are out of that funk. Can't tell you how proud I am of both of you for staying strong.

  3. Yay!!! A court date. I can empathize with the excitement/disappointment of the timing. Gavin reminds me of Blake so very much with how you describe him. So sweet. And I remember very clearly how it warmed my heart to watch a daddy and his son play, Blake took a liking to Jerad right away too. I actually blogged about that today :) Praying for ya, friend!

  4. Hey guys~ glad to keep getting new news! and new pics!!! How much fun will he be with the rest of the crew??
    When the ugly comes a knockin', just give him some more heaven!!! Stay strong!!! and have peace in your heart!! You both are angels!!!!!!