Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What we do during our visit

 Mom takes pictures of Gavin's socks!!  So that Christina knows that her beautiful donation of handmade socks are being put to immediate good use!!!  Thank you Christina!!!!
 Gavin enjoys 2 cookies at each visit!!
 Daddy helps him with every last crumb!!!
 Gavin is not happy when we tell him "nyet" - no more cookies - only "dva" (two)!!!
 Then we play "machina" (cars) - Gavin takes them out of the bag and puts them back in.  Takes them out and puts them back in.  We count them sometimes too.
 He works so hard at rolling this mat up.  Sometimes when it gets too heavy he uses his feet too!!
 We always get to see this beautiful boy SMILE!!!!
 Gavin Loves the ball pit.  How lucky are we to have this playroom for each visit???  I can't even believe it!  With Belle we had to visit in a hall, with just a couch.  This is like Disney land.  They even gave us a key to this playroom so that we may come and go as we please.  The difference in orphanages is EXTREME!!!
 Lots & Lots of bonding time at each visit!!!
 Lots of snuggles!!!!
 Gavin has quickly realized how absolutely Awesome it is to have a Daddy!!!
 I have quickly realized how beyond BLESSED I will be to have this handsome hunk of love as a son!!
We usually end each visit with some tickles!!  Gavin has the BEST LAUGH!!!!  Oh my it warms my heart!!!!
We are so in LOVE with this boy!!!  Today when we brought him back to his groupa he would not go with the nanny.  This is the first time he has done this.  He held right on to me!  I am pretty sure you can imagine how absolutely awful it was to hand him over.  I had to hurry up and get outside for some fresh air.  One of these days I will post about the other children in his groupa - it's just too hard I guess right now :(

We haven't heard anything on our court date yet.  Still Praying for Friday.  Poor Sara Grace had the stomach flu.  UGH!!!  It pretty much rips my heart out to know I was not there to take care of her.  I can't help but think how scared she was!!!  Poor baby!!!  Thank GOD my sister is so good with her and they have a wonderful relationship - so this does help this Mom's heart.  Everybody else seems to be doing great at home!!  When we skype with the kids, I always play power rangers with Owen.  It makes me feel "almost home".  I am not sure if Belle understands the whole skype thing.  But, she does stop to listen when I sing to her :)   Sara always gets very emotional at the end of our skyping :(    Tay, Conor and Nick of course do just fine.  They are helping so much and loving up on the little ones and I can not tell you how much I appreciate them doing this.   Thank you Tay, Conor and Nick - I Love You Guys So Much!!!!


  1. What a precious boy! And that playroom! Wowza~ Give him a smooch from all of us and give yourself a squeeze. Love you friend, thank you for sharing your days with us. Gavin is a treasure, and so are you!

  2. Love the photos! Praying for an early court date for you!

  3. He is SUCH a doll!


  4. Loving that ball pit!

    I really love the photo of Gavin with his hand on Daddy's chin it looks like it was a good conversation they were having.