Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Today - Funny!!! Last Night - Not so Much!!!!

First I want to send a big Huge "Thank You" to who ever donated to our account!!!!  It is so Awesome to see that people are still donating and so close to Christmas.  It means so much to us - Thank you!!!!!!

Okay now for the story of last evening.  We knew we needed to start saving money because prices on everything are much higher this year and we did not plan accordingly.  We were suppose to move to a house yesterday right next to the orphanage so we could walk to our visits.  Well, the house was unavailable.  Our team tried all day to find an apartment closer but it just wasn't in the cards.  So we decided we would just take the bus from here - I mean how hard could it be, right???  So Gavin's social worker picked us up last evening to show us the bus route.  She wrote down for us bus "18".  We drove by where we would get on and where the bus would drop us off.  I totally felt like we understood what she was telling us in Russian.  She wasn't so sure though.  So before we got out of the car she had us speak to one of the facilitators to make sure we were all on the same page.  I confirmed with Sasha that we understood and off we went to our visit.  During our visit I have to admit I was having some anxiety!!  I mean it was now dark and what if we made a mistake????  Dave assured me we would be just fine.  I did convince him to leave our visit a 1/2 hour early just to make sure we had enough time to get home.  So we walk to the bus stop.  We wait with a bunch of people.  Bus #18 comes and it is full - some people still squeeze on and some people chose to wait for next bus.  We also chose to wait.  We let 4 or 5 buses go by and finally we get on one.  We are squished like sardines and I am pretty much freaking out inside.  So we start traveling along and the bus takes a right turn up this big hill - WHOA - I did not remember this hill!!!!  Now, I am panicking.  The bus continues on making stops and people get off.  Now it is just us and a lady on the bus.  REALLY?????  It is pitch black and we are in a very dark alley.  The bus driver lights up a cigarette, parks the bus and turns it off.  He gets up, looks at us like "why are you still on the bus" and starts talking to us in Russian.  I say "nyet Ruskie", which I believed to mean - "No Russian".  Oh boy , now the panic is also in his eyes too.  So we pull out our voice recorder and play our address for him.  Well we were so nervous that we were playing the address for the orphanage.  He is looking at us like we are NUTS and honestly he was so right on with that.  So I call our facilitator Serge and explain the situation.  I give the phone to the bus driver and they talk for awhile.  He hands me the phone and Serge asked me if we had moved.  I told him no, we are still in the same apartment.  I play the recorder for him and he tells me that is the address for the orphanage.  Things are so very clear now why the bus driver looked at us the way he did.  So anyways we play the right address and Serge asks to speak to the bus driver again.  They talk for awhile.  I get back on the phone and Serge tells me the driver will bring us home.  OH THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!  So the bus driver left for a little bit got back on the bus, started it up and off we went.  He dropped us off right in front of our apartment.  We were so very very GRATEFUL.  I gave him a generous tip and I could see in his eyes how much he appreciated that.  I am sure you can imagine all of the things that could of happened to us in that dark alley.   So these very Dumb Americans were so very happy to have got on that bus with that driver!!!!  Remember we let 4 or 5 buses go by but we got on that one - with that driver.  OH MY GOODNESS - Thank You Jesus!!!!!!!!!

Today we used the bus successfully back and forth to the orphanage.  Yay!!!!!  So we feel like just little dumb Americans today!!!!

Poor Gavin wasn't feeling well this morning.  Poor love bug!!!  Our little guy has AWFUL REFLUX and it seemed to be way worse today!!!!  I can NOT wait for him to see a Doctor at home!!!  He was a little cranky today and his eyes just looked sick :(   His breathing since we met him has been very very congested.  Every once in awhile I am just sure he is going to choke.  It is yuck!!!  But today it definitely seemed to be affecting his behavior.   I was able to calm him down by holding him and singing.  I really felt like his Momma today!!!    When we get to his room for each visit he gets so excited to see us -  once he even said "Momma - Momma - Momma".  Oh My!!!!  I am certain I can not describe how my heart felt when he did this.  I Love him so very Much!!!!!   In addition to praying for a court date Friday, will you also please Pray that Gavin feels better ASAP.  Thank you so Much!!!!

 Trying so hard to Smile!!!
 He did give us a few giggles today!!
 But most of our visit was like this :(
 Those poor sweet sick eyes!!!
 Daddy was comforting him too!!!

Poor Buddy!!!!  


  1. cant even describe how i feel for you finally holding him!

  2. Hi Summer! I've been following your blog for a while now. I was amazed to find out that you are from New York. I'm northeast of you in Canandaigua. Just wanted to let you know that everyone in our house is thinking of you and sending lots of good wishes your way.

  3. Awe, poor little guy. Snuggles are the best medicine at least for the Momma. How cool is it that he said Momma! Loving it!

    Ok, you made it, you did it, I'm so incredibly proud of you taking that bus again. Achievement woohoo! Did you see the bus driver again? I bet he was shaking his head hoping you didn't jump on the bus again. So funny......sorry but it was a good laugh that I truly needed.

    Love you guys, stay safe, have a great time, you will be home before you know it.

  4. Oh my word.....talk about an adventure :D Glad y'all came back to tell the tale- and glad to see Gavin's loving it up with you guys! You're in my prayers!

  5. I can't tell you how many times we were the 'dumb Americans' :)

    And isn't it hard when they're sick....and there is NOTHING you can do!! I will say that as hard as it was to see Carter sick, it was WONDERFUL bonding because all he wanted to do was snuggle!

    Praying for you guys....God is good!!

  6. Poor baby! I'm so glad you are there to comfort him! Soon he will never be alone again! Praying for him and for you!

  7. Prayers for an easy court date on Friday and for health for sweet Gavin. I just kept thinking how wonderful it is that you are there for him because if you weren't he'd be feeling yucky in that crib with no one to hug him. Looking forward to his Gotcha Day pictures!