Monday, December 12, 2011

He Just Loves To Be Loved

Gavin just loves to be loved!!  He laughs and laughs when he is hugged.  He laughs and laughs when he is kissed!!  This boy has waited a long time for some snuggles and he obviously is just going to eat up all we have to give.

Gavin will be 4 years old in May.  He is very tiny.  I think he is shorter and weighs less then Belle.  Belle weighs about 26 lbs now and I am going to guess that Gavin weighs 21 or 22 lbs and he is much shorter.  I brought 3T pants to today to try on him - and they are 2 times to long.  I also brought a 3T sweatshirt and it is huge.  I'm thinking he probably wears 18 - 24 months.

Thank you so much for all the info on the lump on his chest.  I tried to take a picture but it didn't come out at all.

Gavin has started to show us a little temper.  He is a man that likes to get his way.  Oh boy - him and Sara are going to have some battles - I am sure of this.

We are PRAYING for court this FRIDAY although we have been told probably Monday.  Still Praying for Friday!!!!  Would you PRAY too for Friday?  That would be great!!!  We miss everyone at home soooooooo MUCH!!!!!  It will not be easy at all leaving Gavin that is for sure - UGH!!!  Torn again!!!  That is the theme of this adoption so far I think - TORN!!!!!  That's okay though - we will all be home soon - together FOREVER!!!!!


  1. Praying for Friday!! SO enjoying following your journey! What a beautiful little boy he is! And seriously - can that room be filled with any more cool stuff?! Wow!

    Praying, girl!! FRIDAYYYY!!

  2. He's so handsome!! Love his smiles! I'm praying for court on Friday!!

  3. Oh my oh my, he and Sara are going to have some interesting conversations. I can just see it now. I'm sure she will let him settle in before she let's him know that she is girl not to tangle with. Oh how I love that girl of yours.

    Owen and Gavin are going to be fast friends, rough and tumbly!

    Has Dave figured out how to hook all those laundry baskets together, I see Gavin doesn't have issues with putting himself in one.

  4. He is DARLING!!! Those SMILES!!!
    PRAYING for FRIDAY!!! GOD is ABLE!!!

  5. praying for you all! And you can't help but smile at that amazing smile of his! :)

  6. The human spirit is an amazing think that hugs and kisses are so foreign to this little boy but he has already come to cherish them. Prayers for peace of heart as you leave your cutie in knowing that you will be back soon to take him HOME!