Friday, December 9, 2011

Hello Handsome

We Met Gavin!!!!!  Oh My Is He Handsome!!!!

 He was definitely a little hesitant at first!!  It didn't stop me from Loving him up!!!
 He is looking to the orphanage Doctor like "Someone want to tell me who the heck this woman is?"
 He was so nervous with Dave at first.  I felt bad :(
 He warmed up slowly!!!
 Then it was like he just got it - like - "this is My Mommy and Daddy"
 He didn't stop Smiling!!!
 He didn't stop Kissing!!!  I was in HEAVEN!!!!!
 He didn't stop Hugging!!!!
 Gavin & Daddy played with cars.
 He had a little hankie in his shirt pocket for his runny nose.  He would take it out - wipe his nose and put it back in his pocket.  This little guy is so smart!!!!
 He is so Gentle and so Happy!!!
 He loved looking at the family photo book.
 I am completely head over heels in love with this little man!!!
 Guess what???  Gavin can walk!!!!
 And Gavin can Climb!!!
 And he learned to accept his mother squeezing the life out of him and kissing him constantly!!!  I couldn't help my self!!!
 He was having the Best Time when Daddy helped him bounce on the big ball.
 He absolutely has a million dollar smile!!!!
 Not sure the nannies would like him eating the laundry basket but he was having so much fun I couldn't tell him "nyet"

 He wanted the camera so bad.  I let him see it a few times but he kept changing the settings.
 Puckering up for a kiss from Mommy!!!  This boy absolutely stole my heart today!!!!
 Gavin & Daddy started to get a little tired so they started a little snug fest.
 Our precious sweet boy sucks his thumb
 With in moments they were both out.  Now Gavin was so so nervous with Dave in the beginning and then at the end he is so comfortable he falls asleep with him.  Tell me God isn't Good?????
We had to wake him up because it was time for us to go :(

The nanny told Gavin to wave Goodbye and he did.  I would of stayed with him all day and night if they would let me.  He is such a sweet little boy.  I can't even for a second believe how absolutely BLESSED we are.  How does this all just work out so amazingly?????  I am not sure of any of the answers except I am so grateful that this sweet boy will very soon be our son forever!!!!

I can NOT wait to see him tomorrow!!!!!!!


  1. Oh my goodness I woke up searching for your news! I am sitting here with tears flowing.

    Gavin you are LOVED! you are WANTED! you are BLESSED!

    He's a doll Summer! I know two little boys who are going to adore one another and be best friends.

    Oh my oh my I can't stop looking at his picture.

    I love the hugs, the smiles, the kissing(oh my that kissing) and most of all I love seeing the smile on Dave's face!

    You must be on cloud 9 right now and who could blame you.

    :) Love you guys! Still praying that everything continues to progress smoothly.

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF YOU! Gavin is such a sweet heart. We will continue to pray that everything goes smoothly.
    The Lococos


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  5. YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..Now this is the news I have been waiting for! Even got up at 4am to check. Gavin is absolutely perfect!!!! Love those adorable, kissable lips.

  6. Oh my!!! So sweet!!
    Praying for you!


  7. OH SUMMER - HE IS BEAUTIFUL!! Aren't God Treasures worth crossing the ocean to get????

  8. Look at him!!!!! He is gorgeous and looks so so happy to be in your arms. God is so good!

  9. Love it....he is so beautiful! And he sucks his thumb...I just love that! Blessings - Spitz family! You're right - God is so, so GOOD!

  10. THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!!!!
    He is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! Praying for you and rejoicing with you:)

  11. He's gorgeous! And absolutely perfect!

  12. He is so handsome! And it looks like you all had a wonderful visit!

  13. I have been praying for this little boy since I saw his adorable face on Reese's Rainbow.

    His face says it all. He is loved.

    Praying for you!!


  14. These pictures brought tears to my eyes! I am so excited for your family!! What a beautiful little boy you have!!

  15. He looks sweet beyond words. And it looks like you'll have a nice place to visit and play until you can take him home forever. Wonderful news!

  16. He is so so so sweet!!! Congrats!! The pucker up pic is the best. And sleeping with his Daddy. :)

  17. Oh my goodness!!!!! What a dumpling! He is beautiful! Love all the pics, just perfect!! What an amazing journey this is, so glad to be along for the ride!

  18. Oh Summer!!! He is just the most handsome little guy!!! Milana is over my shoulder blowing him kisses and saying "aaawwww!" I'm so happy for you guys! Love you!!!

  19. Oh Summer, he's so precious. I'm almost speechless :). Thanking God tonight.

    Can't wait to see Gavin giving Owen a run for his money! They are gonna be a HOOT together!

  20. Oh my goodness Summer!! He is BEAUTIFUL!! What a precious smile. It made my heart so happy to see him resting on his Daddy. Prayers continue to come your way! GOD IS GOOD!

  21. Can say nothing more than AWESOME!!!!!!!
    Love, hugs and kisses from the Andersons.
    Mikael sends a special high-five to his new buddy!! (he loved looking at the pics)

  22. So sweet and WHAT A LITTLE LOVE!!!! And that pucker....nuff said...who could ask for more. :)

  23. OH MY GOODNESS! HE IS BEAUTIFUL!!! I can't believe how he well he warmed up to you! Esp sleeping on Dave's chest like that. AMAZING! God is SO GOOD! I'm so surprised you got so much time with him today too. Awesome! I know you will have a GREAT weekend with him. :-) Send my love to Dave too!

  24. Such precious moments. He's a love! Congratulations :)

  25. Amazing! How great is our God. He created Gavin just for your family, it is so perfect. By the end of the pictures it looks as if he had been with you forever!

  26. Beautiful! Perfect in every way! You are Blessed...Again! Love You!

  27. Oh Summer!!! He is absolutely.PRECIOUS!!! LOVE him!!!

  28. He's such a goegeous boy!!! How old is he? I can't remember lol xxx