Saturday, December 10, 2011

Kostya and 2 visits

Our beautiful friend Kostya took a 16 hour train ride from Simferopol to visit with us today.  We had such a wonderful day with him.      

 He brought me flowers!!!!   It is so nice to have fresh flowers  -  Thank you so much Koko (Kostya's nickname that Sara gave to him)
 I was so happy to see him!!!
 Gavin LOVES Kostya!!!  He kept crawling over to him!!
 I really don't think he could be any cuter!!!!
 We tried a juice box today - it didn't go so well.  He so wanted the juice but just couldn't grasp the straw concept yet.  I am certain that it wont be long until he is able to use a straw as he is so very smart.
 Gavin kept trying to push Kostya's face away so he could play with his zipper.  It was so fun to watch.
 Playing cars with Daddy!!
 Thoroughly Enjoying a cookie!!!!  He was all business while eating that cookie.
 I just LOVE this sweet boy so very MUCH!!!!!!
 Momma, Gavin and Poppa!!!
 He Loved getting kisses from the lion!!!
 Playing cars is a big hit with Sir Gavin
Oh and he got a haircut today between our visits.  He looks so Handsome!!!!

After our second visit we brought Kostya to the train station so he could head back home.  We will MISS HIM VERY MUCH.

Well, I am off to bed.  I am EXHAUSTED!!!!  I think everything has finally caught up to me and I am ready to CRASH!!!  I know I will sleep good tonight!!!!

Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments you have left in the last few days.  I appreciate each one so much.  We unfortunately has a nasty person post a very mean comment about Gavin yesterday.  It is not easy when someone says very hurtful things in regards to your child.  But you know what absolutely helps????  That so many of you said Beautiful things.  Thank you!!!!!  


  1. I'm so sorry that you got some not nice comments. That just stinks! Your son is so beautiful! You are one lucky Momma to have him! I can't wait to see more pictures of that handsome boy tomorrow :)

  2. Was the rude commenter named Jules by chance? If so, just ignore him. He has been trolling various blogs as of late. Keep the Internet clean: don't feed the trolls!

    Okay, now for the important part: Gavin looks great! It is so nice to see a kid who has not been starved within an inch of his life prior to adoption! He certainly looks like a lively one ;D

  3. I just cant get over his beautiful smile! I also love seeing what great eye contact he is making with you Summer!!! What a sweet boy!

  4. Brings tears to my eyes! I want to climb on the rooftop and shout ADOPTION IS BEAUTIFUL! There are so many people that don't even consider adoption, because they probably think (like I did - shame on me!) that adoption is only for those who cannot have their own kids, and plus some exceptions! NO NO - adoption is for everybody that love children!
    Gavin - you are the best! The most beautiful! The most wanted child in the world! Don't you ever listen to people who are unhappy themselves and try to bring down everybody around them!
    Best wishes to parents! Come visit us in Lithuania, you are so close! :) Always welcome!

  5. Oh yeah, so glad you were able to get a visit in with not one but two special guys today. What a blessing.....

    Loving the mommy/daddy/gavin photo. The first of many to come! :)

  6. Gavin is so handsome and he looks so happy!! God bless y'all!
    -Maria, Finn's future mommy

  7. He is absolutely precious!!! I love all the pictures and he is so handsome!! Look at that smile!! I bet he has the best laugh! I am so happy for you guys!!!

  8. Gavin is so stinkin' adorable!!!!
    We stayed in the apartment you are in, by the way, and had to leave due to the stench of smoke and cheap perfume. How is it now?
    Enjoy your visits and relish each moment!! We will continue to pray for you and your family!!!

  9. Great photos from today. Gavin looks so happy and healthy. Can't wait to see more of your visits.

  10. Gavin has the cutest smile!!!!

  11. He is so beautiful!!!!! You are so blessed! I am so jealous!!!!!! On the one picture Gavin looks like your husband! I love it! How old is he again, your baby not your husband haha. Cant wait til you get to bring him home! Be blessed


  12. OH MY HEART!!!! Summer, he is so precious!!!