Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Only 6 more Night- Nights

 Oh My - only 6 more "Night - Night's" until we are on our way to Ukraine to meet our 7th child.  WOW!!!

YES, SIX!!!!!!!!

It's so funny really - you wait for what seems like FOREVER to get a travel date and you get one and then your like "WHAT????".  It's so crazy!!!!  Crazy in a very good way!!!  All of the reality of leaving just hits hard when you get a travel date.  Not to mention the AMAZING reality that you are finally going to meet the little boy who has been in your dreams for several months.  It is SURREAL!!!!  Knowing I will be holding (if he will let me of course) that sweet boy soon is a Christmas Morning feeling - it's that AWESOME!!!

It is so nice to have my sister here prior to leaving.  I am so GRATEFUL!!!  Take a look how she just fits right in with the little three:

We have been pretty busy around here.  So busy that our little Belle has to take her naps at dinner in her highchair.

But not too busy that Owen doesn't have time to work on his photography.

This picture of Sara's "bo bo" is pretty good, don't you think?????

I love my little photographer so MUCH!!!  I will Miss him like crazy!!!  But it makes me smile to know that Gavin is going to have this guy as a big brother!!!!  Emi - you have mentioned a few times how awesome it will be for Gavin & Owen to have each other!!  YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!!!!


  1. So excited for you!


  2. Oh these pictures are priceless. The couch photo is great. Owen looks like he is relaxing big time while telling the best story ever. Look at Bellie! Oh my this girl is awesome. Sara, you are so precious. Not to be missed is your awesome Sis! So glad that you're feeling better and able to be there for the kiddos.

    Owen is quite the photographer. I think he has a future in it.

    Oh poor Bellie sacked out in the highchair. Only once did Izzy do this on me, thought it was so funny making lunch and she was gabbering at me I was talking to her turned around and she was out like a light. :)

    Gavin is going to have a ball at your house. Heck I would have a ball at your house too.


  3. Love the pic of Bellie in the high chair! I've had a few do that too. :-) And I must say she is absolutely the most beautiful calendar cover girl I've ever seen!