Monday, November 28, 2011

One Week From Today

Whoa - we leave one week from today!!!  As a matter a fact next week at this time we will be on a plane on our way to Philly.  OH MY GOODNESS!!!!  Wow!!!!!!
 So I am officially FREAKING OUT!!!! 

 I am not alarmed by it since the same FREAK OUT session went on last year prior to travel.  The new feeling this year is that I am sick about leaving Belle.
For the record - I am head over heals in love with all my children - they are my everything - each one of them. 

 Belle is just different in the way that I feel she really really needs me.  I hope you understand.  I am so scared that she is not going to understand where we went.   She is not going to understand why her Daddy isn't coming home for lunch and her Mommy isn't singing her the craziest of songs.  UGH!!!!!  I know as soon as I get to wrap my arms around Gavin I will be just fine!!!  I can NOT wait to hold that beautiful boy.   Torn???   Yes, I think so :(

We received another donation - $100 - we are so so so so grateful!!!!  Thank you to all you awesome generous people that have given to our adoption.  We are so BLESSED with the most amazing support!!!!

Just 7 more naps sweet girl and Mommy
 is going to get your brother!!!!!


  1. I totally understand you feel Bellie needs you more, but I can tell she's one tough little girl and God will let her know her mom and dad are bringing another brother home! Those two are going to be so much fun together!

  2. Hi Summer,

    I'm freaking out and I'm not even going :) We are so happy and excited for you all. It has been great to see your grant go up as well. I think Belle will be fine. She is such an easy going little girl and she will have her wonderful brothers and sisters with her. We will be praying for all of you and for peace in your hearts. I can't wait to see you and Dave with Gavin!

  3. Oh my a week, a week before you start the process to see that sweet little guys face. A week before people like me stalk your blog and FB page for any little information. LOL :)

    So excited for you guys. I'm with Patty on this one, I'm not even going and I already am getting the butterflies in my stomach for you.

    Oh Bellie is one lucky girl she has all the love and support of her siblings who will help her with the adjustment of you two being gone, before she knows it you will be home.


    Love you all...

  4. Hang in there Summer!! Belle will be fine! I'm so excited and happy for you!!

  5. I totally understand the feeling about leaving Belle too. Elijah got sick while we were gone and when we tried to Skype with him, he seemed SOO ticked, he wouldn't even look at us. But when he felt better, he got over it and was all hugs when we got back. Hang in there this last week. I KNOW it is CRAZY! You can do it!! :-)