Saturday, November 26, 2011

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!

Someone donated $500 to our account!!!!!!  I can't even begin to believe it!!!!   Someone we don't even know!!!!  The month of Christmas and someone sends a check to Reece's Rainbow for $500 for our adoption!!!!  Grateful doesn't even come close to express what we are feeling!!!!  Wow!!!!!

In addition to trying to make sure we remember everything we have to remember for our upcoming trip, I can't help but be anxious to see how Gavin will change once home and Loved by his family!  Watching Belle transform almost every day is such a Blessing!!!  I have to look at pictures to remind myself just how drastic the changes in her have been.  I mean even her little left eye that she could barely hold open - is such a distant memory.  When I look at pictures of Belle last year I  remember how I didn't even think she could hear.  I was almost positive she was deaf.

She definitely was NOT deaf.  She had trained her self not to listen.  She was so LOST.   She was just a little lump that I think almost had given up.   Oh my has this all changed.  Belle is now so observant of her surroundings.  She wants to see every little thing, she wants to hear every new sound.   She wants to taste everything and anything.  She wants to be held and hugged by everyone she sees.  She wants to touch EVERYTHING!!!  It is just so Awesome to witness!!!

And in just a few short weeks we will have another amazing opportunity to witness a child transform.  A handsome little boy that will realize that his life is so much more than a life in an orphanage.  He will soon be Loved, Hugged, Kissed and told how God couldn't of made him any more perfect!!!!  He will soon be the SON of very proud parents and the brother to 6 siblings who are anxious to love him up!!!

Thank you GOD!!!!!!


  1. Woohoo! Glorious donation!

    Love the new look of the blog too.

    I can't wait to learn more and more about Gavin, his likes and dislikes. Another little buddy to shower with love, how awesome is that.


  2. I can't wait Summer. I just can't wait!! Praising God with you for the 500.00. God provides. He is good.

  3. Oh my goodness!!! That is amazing!!!! There really still are a lot of good ones left in this world! Bless that donor!!

  4. How awesome about the 500! I'm sure God will multiple that for the generous donor!! Belle's transformation is simply AMAZING! and Gavin's will be too! He's gonna love the attention!

  5. Ohhh yay!!! SOO happy!! God will indeed multiply it for those that serve him!

    P.S. I know you are crazy busy, but can you please email me asap about the hat? I want to make sure you have it to take with! :)

  6. Do you know yet when you will be traveling? I belong to a group on FB called Praying Angels and we would like to lift you up while you are traveling. My name is Rilla