Friday, November 25, 2011

The Amazing Reality.....

Conor and I cooked all day yesterday for the best tasting Thanksgiving dinner I have ever had.  Conor had planned the whole menu and he chose some amazing dishes.  We really had such a FUN time in the kitchen all day!!!  Bellie had a wonderful first Thanksgiving!!!  It was such a BLESSING to see her at our table - it was a Blessing to see everyone at our table.   I am so so so so Thankful for this FAMILY GOD HAS BLESSED ME WITH!!!!

Now - The Amazing Reality of an appointment on December 7, 2011 is that you have to  purchase airline tickets to get there.  So today we did just that, we bought our tickets to meet our son.  YAY!!!  So we are leaving Monday, December 5.  That is in 9 days!!!!  I can't even believe it - I really can't.   So since we are leaving in 9 days - OH MY - we have lots of stuff to get done.  WHOA!!!!!  My sister flew in last night so that is one thing out of the way.  Nick and I went out at 5 am this morning to jump in on the black friday shopping.  We had so much fun and I bought an outfit for SDA/Court date.  My beautiful most wonderful friend Gretchen came over for a visit while she is in town.  All of our kids love Gretch - she is pretty much family really!!!  She helped the little ones decorate the Christmas tree.  So FUN!!!!!

 This is my favorite picture!!!  I am so grateful to have the Most Bestest Friend in the whole world!!!!!

 Again - Conor just can't help himself!!!!!

Belle is very interested in the new addition to the living room.  

Tomorrow the Plan is to write the lists - Lots & Lots of Lists!!!!


  1. I love that you have amazing people to help you. Prayers for your travels

  2. You better expect a visit from me at some point!!!I cannot WAIT to meet your new baby boy!

  3. Boy love the pictures. Bellie must love all those lights and ornaments. :)

  4. Ohhhh...the lists!! Just yesterday when I was cleaning out the office I found a 'To Do Before Travel' list! Only half of it was I guess I can throw it away now!!

    SO excited for you, Summer!!! AMAZING that you'll be with your boy in just a few days!!!!! God is so, SOOOO good!!!

    Although...I'm still kinda bummin' that we didn't get to meet in-country :( Maybe we'll meet up for our NEXT adoption :) Ha!

  5. Can't wait to see pictures of your new baby boy! BTW I love the new blog header! All for family pictures are beautiful!

  6. The blog looks great, Summer. This is just so exciting! So glad your childcare plans are working out. We can't wait to follow your journey to bring Gavin home.

  7. Summer, thank you so much for letting me share your tree decorating memories. I had a wonderful time and always enjoy my time with you and your family! You are Dave are the best and I can't wait to be home to eat up those kids!