Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Only five nights left and we will be on our way.  OH MY!!!!!

Guess what???  Bellie took her pants off in her crib 2 days in a row!!!!!!  This is HUGE!!!!  I am so EXCITED!!!  The best thing is that she had a bowel movement both days so she knew she wanted those pants and that diaper off!!  I know it might sound a little silly to get excited about such a little BIG thing but it is such a Big Step for our Belle.  THANK GOD she had a onesie on and she hasn't figured that out yet.  Or my oh my we would have a big yucky mess!!!

So so so so so so VERY PROUD OF THIS GIRL!!!!!!

While I was so excited and telling Belle how super proud I was of her.  Owen did something to Sara and I turned around just in time to catch this:

That would be Owen running for his Life!!  The reason:  Sister Sara was MAD

Since I was laughing so hard Sara couldn't help but smile through her madness

I sure am going to miss these guys and all the FUN that comes with them!!!  


  1. LOL Owen running from the scene of the crime? LOL Oh watch out when you get Sara mad, he knew he better run..... noone is going to mess with this girl when she gets in high school. :)

    Bellie, that is HUGE! way to go! So incredibly proud of you! Mommy you should go up to the roof and shout it out for sure..... Well wait you're traveling soon and I guess it wouldn't be a good idea to come to them with bumps and bruises all over you from falling off the roof so scratch that idea. :)

    Love you all....

    Will be waiting for updates from the other side of the world with great anticipation!

  2. So excited for you!