Thursday, September 8, 2011

So Freaking OUT!!!!!!

UPS can not find out documents!!!!!  Oh my I am going to need shock therapy!!!!!!!!

They said they will call me tomorrow?????????????????????????????????


Please Please Pray that they are FOUND and they are SAFE!!!!!!!!!!  

I can't even allow myself to think about what would happen if they are not recovered!!!!


  1. Praying. God knows where they are - praying He finds them for you. Someone ounce told me to say "Jesus lost, Jesus found" three times - its worked for me!


  2. Oh no, Summer!!! My heart is panicking with you!!! They have to be SOMEWHERE! Which means SOMEONE will find them! Things like that literally cannot just vanish! Praying for you, sweet friend!

  3. Sh*t!!! praying!!!!!!!!!!

    Stay calm! Calling on my buddy St. Anthony, he'll find them!

  4. No worries, they will be found.

    I told Sarah it is because you two keep praying to travel together.

    I have faith and confidence that they will be found and soon.


  5. Oh my word!!! I know staying calm is hard but our documents were lost and then found within 2 days. They were just sitting there and somehow didn't make it on the truck but the Lord kept them safe.. Praying like crazy that they are found quickly!

  6. oh my! Praying hard for you summer!!!!!!!!!! xx