Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Where oh Where is My Little Owen

On His Way To His First Day Of Preschool
The rain stopped just in time so Owen could walk to school this morning
 Entering his "Big Boy School" for the first time!!!!!!
 Unloading his Back Pack in to his new locker
 My Beautiful Boy in his new classroom!!!!!!
 Hugging Daddy Goodbye
 Hugging Bellie Goodbye

 Sara was so sad - she missed her Big Brother the moment we left the school
Bellie was handling everything just fine
Still Missing her Brother when we got home :(
Daddy & Mommy told Sara "We Miss Owen too Sweetie"

We Sure Do Love That Big Beautiful Boy!!!!!!


  1. Way to go Owen, hope to hear a good report all about your first day.

    Oh Sweet Sara, I love that you were also all packed up with your backpack on.

    Bellie, what a trooper you were handling everything just fine.

    The question is HOW did MOMMY do????

  2. Oh my word, Sarah's pouty lip in that picture right after you left the school is to die for!!! So cute! I would not be able to tell that little face no for the life of me! :)