Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bellie has a new look!!!!!

I truly needed to get my mind off our dossier being LOST in the Big Bad ABYSS!!!  So I decided to take Belle for a haircut.  Now I want to explain a few things first.  When I first saw a picture of Bellie bald I swore she would have the longest most beautiful hair ever.  That was the plan!!!  What I now realize is that was MY PLAN for Belle - not HER PLAN.  The truth is Bellie hates having her hair brushed.  And the reason she hates it is because of the little rat nest she creates in the back of her hair.  When Belle is anywhere that she can lean her little head back she rubs her head back and forth with fury.  She does it so often that her hair in the back gets all yucky and matted.  We tried conditioner, conditioning spray, detangle spray and i even tried putting a serum in her hair that would keep it a little oily.  None of these worked!!  It still hurt our PRINCESS to brush her hair!!  Well I made an executive beauty decision to have her hair cut short.  The results are PRECIOUS!!!!  Honestly - I LOVE IT!!!!  Yes, I will miss her sweet little piggies (pig tails) but she truly can ROCK any hair style!!!  And the bottom line is that she is HAPPY and I believe she is ECSTATIC to know that we don't have to brush that mess anymore!!!!!

Revealing Miss. Belle's New Hair Style
 Belle is so super active now it is almost impossible to get a picture of the back of her head.  I was saying "Bellie sit still for just a second" and she was just scooting all over the bed laughing!!!  STINKER!!!!!!
 This one doesn't show off her new style but I just love her Beautiful Eyes in this picture so had to share!!!!
 Ah Ha!!!  While she was giving Daddy kisses I snapped one of the back of her head!!!!
 Think she might be getting some molars in!!!  Poor Princess!!!!!
Pretty, Pretty Girl!!!!!
Bald or hair of Rapunzel our Bellie is GORGEOUS!!!!!
What do you think about Belle's new look?

Please continue to PRAY that our dossier is FOUND SAFE AND SOUND!!!!!!  Thank you!!!!  (and Steph - you are too funny - Love your comment!)

Please also continue to PRAY for Beautiful Lyla!!!  That girl needs a Forever Family so BAD!!!!!!!


  1. lovelovelove it!!! She looks GORGEOUS your BEAUTIFUL BELLIE!!!

  2. Funny how life makes other plans for us, huh? LOVE the new style!!!


  3. I'm praying for your dossier!! I love Bellie's new look!

  4. Awww, she's gorgeous, of course!!