Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I am NESTING!!!!!

Ah Ha!!!!  I am so officially nesting and I LOVE IT!!!!  I just realized it - so it is pretty exciting.  I have been organizing, organizing and more organizing since Saturday and I just figured out why I am so obsessed with all this organizing.  Well, because I am getting ready for our new addition - Beautiful Gavin!!!  He will be HOME soon -so I am glad that my body kicked in high gear to get ready!!!  I am not sure I can explain effectively how absolutely amazing it is to realize your mind, heart and soul are so ahead of the game.  It's the BEST!!!!!  Knowing that our sweet precious boy will be home soon - well, I just cry those super happy tears!!!

In addition to nesting - today is a very special day.   Today is


Gavin will soon realize the importance of this very special day.  He will be as GRATEFUL as the rest of this family on this very day.  Gavin will be BLESSED with the BESTEST FATHER IN THE WHOLE WORLD and he will surely want to celebrate the day his DADDY was born!!!!!!!!

So very soon this will be Gavin being held with a LOVE he has never had the chance to experience!!!


  1. Happy Nesting! And Happy Birthday to Dave:) Looking forward to watching your journey:)

  2. Praying for you until you have little Gavin in your arms! Have fun nesting!!! And Happy Birthday Dave!!

  3. Happy Birthday Dave! You sure sound like and amazing DAD!

  4. How sweet! Happy Birthday, Dave!
    Isn't the nesting funny? I have to say, it hit me also when I was scrubbing out our washing machine...yep, you read that right. Scrubbing. our. washing. machine. You know, the machine made for cleaning things? Wow. I had to stop and laugh when I realized what exactly I was doing! At least I am getting stuff done! Enjoy preparing your nest again, Momma! :)

  5. Happy Birthday Dave!!!! Hope it was fabulous! But with that beautiful crew around you how could it be anything but!!