Thursday, September 22, 2011

Another Donation!!!!!

Thank you so much to the person that donated $20!!!!!!   I am amazed that so many generous people have given to help us BRING Beautiful Gavin HOME!!!!!!!  We are so very GRATEFUL to all of you!!!!!!  Truly, we will be FOREVER reminded when we look at our sweet boy of your generosity!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank YOU!!!

We do have to take out a loan for our adoption.  It is pretty yucky to think we will have monthly payments on our son but we HAVE to do it!  We had to take out a loan when we adopted sweet Belle too!  Of course that is paid off now - Thank GOD!!!!  This loan will be for a larger sum of money since we really weren't caught up yet after Belle's adoption.  So the bottom line is:


IMPORTANT:  Our Very Good Friends the Basile's are in NEED OF PRAYER!!!!!  Please Storm HEAVEN for this Beautiful Family - GOD knows the NEED!!!!!!  

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