Monday, September 19, 2011

So very GRATEFUL!!!!!!!!

I was beyond excited to see our adoption fund go up $50 this weekend!!!!!  Woo Hoo!!!!    Thank you - Thank you - Thank you!!!!!  It is something so SPECIAL to know that people want to help us!!!  So whom ever you are - we are FOREVER GRATEFUL!!!!!

My wonderful Friend Julie sent us a very generous donation too!!!!  We are just so super GRATEFUL!!!!  Julie's daughter Dashlyn was adopted last year too.  Dashlyn and Bellie are pretty much sisters since they did live 2 plus years under the same roof.  I so hope and PRAY to get these two girls together again some day!!!!  I also so want to HUG that very good friend of mine!!!!!!  Thank you so much Julie for being an AMAZING FRIEND!!!!!  I Love You Girl!!!!

Little Update:  Taylor, Nick, Sara and Belle are all SICK!!!!  YES SICK!!!!  I am trying to stay positive and think it is great that they are all sick while we are still home and not in EE.  Right?  Well, Tay and Nick started last week with cold symptoms.  They both had fevers over the weekend.  Sara started with asthma issues Saturday night.  So she has been getting her routine breathing treatments every 4 hours.  She does seem to be breathing better - THANK GOD!!!  And Bellie - well she has had a fever since yesterday.  Her little cheeks are bright red and she just wants to be snuggled!!!  I LOVE that I stay home now so that I can snuggle her right up!!!!  She looks at me with these pathetic little sick eyes that scream - "Thank You Mom"!!!!  This little girl is something I tell you!!!!  It doesn't matter what is going on and it doesn't matter that she isn't able to communicate in a typical fashion - she always says "Thank You"!!!!  She has taught me so very much!!!!!!


  1. Get better everyone. I'm glad that you are able to be there for snuggles.

  2. Love you and love your precious family! We keep you in our prayers always!


  3. I pray everyone gets better! And I love what you said about Bellie, she's such an angel!!