Saturday, August 6, 2011

Visit with Izzy & Zoya

 Playing HARD!!!  And sweet Zoya was so good about sharing all her toys with her friends!!!!
 Okay - this is the only picture I have that has ALL the kids in it!!!  It was not easy I tell you!!!
Five toddlers - all 3 years old
 Honestly, how incredibly sweet is Zoya?????  And she knows how to accessorize like a true DIVA!!!!
 Yes, Zoya has plenty of toys for everyone - this is some playroom!!!!
Izzy was striking a model pose for me!!!  She is so stinkin cute!!!  I fell in LOVE with her instantly!!!!!
I think Owen was a little upset with me that I would decide to take a picture right in the middle of the road he was traveling but I couldn't help myself - Look at these two!!!!!!

We had such a wonderful visit with the McGilvray's and the Basile's !!!  Teri showered all the kids with gifts - it was like Christmas!!!  And she gave Sarah and I both a beautiful charm bracelette!!!  I am so excited to have one!!!  I LOVE IT!!!!! 

 Zoya loved Teri's husband Dan - it was the cutest!!  Every time I turned around he was holding her!!!  Izzy is the spitting image of her beautiful mother, Bri!!!  Sarah and Shawn made a super yummy dinner for everyone and Belle was such a fan of the cheesy potato's - she wouldn't stop eating them!! We will definitely have to start making those at home for her.   

I so wish I would of taken more pictures!!  I didn't even get one of Teri, Dan or Bri - AAGGGHHHH!!!  But this is what happens - I am having such a wonderful time that I don't even think of leaving it for a moment to go grab my camera!!!  Sarah and Teri were taking pictures too so I hope I can steal some from them!!!

Thank GOD for both these beautiful families!!!!!!!!  

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  1. Oh Summer! We had a ball. It was too quick of a visit! You will need to come on down to Virginia real soon.

    It was a magical night for Iz she loved it all so much!

    Thanks to you and Sarah for making us feel so welcome.

    We love you all!