Monday, August 8, 2011

Adoption Update!!!!

Woo Hoo - our donations just went up another $25!!!!!!!  WOW!!!!!!  I am so so so so so appreciative of all this generosity!!!!  Honestly - it just means so much - Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!

Today was a such a good mail day too!!  Our 28 apostilled documents arrived and our notice that immigration has our application!!!!!!  I am on top of the MOON!!!!!!    The next step is to wait for the go ahead from our stateside helper to send some of the documents to Gavin's country!!!  This way they know that someone on this side of the ocean wants that little boy HOME!!!!  Then we wait for our fingerprint appointment for immigration and then we are just so close!!!!  WOW!!!!!!

Here is a picture of the Most Important Documents EVER!!!!!

 Here is a picture of the Amazing Gift those documents brought us last year!!!!!!!
 And here is a picture of the Amazing Gift we will receive this year!!!!!!!!

Honestly, if I could do a back handspring right now 
I So Would!!!!!!!


  1. Beautiful gifts! You are so blessed!!

  2. So excited for you!


  3. Ok I'll pay to see that handspring! LOL :)

    Come on everyone keep those donations coming! *wink* *wink*

    Gavin is so worth it! Bellie what an amazing little girl she is, I love her giggles and the way she snuggles right into you. I was so blessed to be able to snuggle up to her. I can't wait to meet Gavin. Look out we'll be back next August IF you don't come here first!

    Love you all,

  4. Rejoycing with you!! One step closer to DARLING-GAVIN!!!
    Oh and this pic of BEAUTIFUL BELLIE just melts my heart. She is absolutely ADORABLE!!!
    Love, Christina

  5. Those pic with all the beautifully apostilled documents are the best! I can't believe how quickly you're moving along - before you know it you'll be holding that little boy and snuggling! Can't wait!

  6. Ah, nothing better than seeing all of those gorgeously apostilled documents! And Bellie is looking FANTASTIC! And Gavin, he's closer to coming home! A Good day for the Spitz house indeed ;)

  7. Hi Summer,

    O.K., you did your dossier so quickly, if we ever get to adopt again I'll hire you to do ours. ;) Seriously, I'm so glad to see how quickly you are moving forward. Gavin doesn't have to wait much longer for Mom and Dad to come and get him.

  8. Summer,

    What an amazing heart you and your family have, and to answer Gods call for your lives in such an unselfish way... you are all such amazing people! Thank you for being a blessing to these children. My husband and I are in the VERY early stages of adopting a child through Reeces Rainbow (it will be two years before we are able to do it, unless God has other plans!) We live east of Rochester, NY and would love a local contact to befriend and pick thier brains:) (You are in NY correct?) If you would be willing, please send me an email. Thank you for all you do!