Friday, August 5, 2011

Oh My - WOW - WOW - WOW!!!!!!!!

Okay - just looked at our donation box over on the right side of our blog and I am freaking out!!!  Another $100?????????  Are you kidding??????  I honestly can't even believe it!!!!!!!  I can NOT wait to find out who you are!!!!!!

Yep, I'm crying!!!!!   Honestly - I am just so out of my mind grateful that people are so super generous.  I mean - honestly - this just all means so much to our family!!!  I am in awe!!!!  I know that money is tight for not just us but lots of people and our account just keeps going up!!!!  NOT THAT I WANT IT TO STOP - LOL!!!!

We are just so very BLESSED - I just wish I had a better way of explaining how much it means to us!!!!  The word "thank you" just doesn't seem to cut it - at all!!!!  I have to find the words that do!!!!!!!

If you get a moment please view this video:  It is such an awesome tribute to all the beautiful children that have been saved thanks to the HUGE efforts made by Reece's Rainbow.  Bellie is in the video and I am just so PROUD of that girl!!!!  And then next year Gavin will be in a picture right next to his sister!!!!

Yep, GOD IS GOOD!!!!!!

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  1. God is OH SO good!